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    I know everyone is going to think my suggestion is dumb either you like it or you don't It's not going to hurt me because it's your Opinion. The past few days of coming back to play and seeing if anyone wants to PK at edge I got no one to PK with and what I want the Staff to do is discuss about my Opinion about the PVP system on this game because it's probably the only way for people to come and play this game. I know some people would decided to PVP cheat the system so they can win What I was suggesting was Add a pvp system where the TOP 3 Pker of every week sunday to saturday gets (#1 Pker gets 75m osrs GP Or x2 $10 Scroll) (#2 Pker gets #35m osrs GP or x1 $10 scroll) (#3 Pker gets 15m osrs GP or $5 Scroll). Add a Wilderness Keys that will spawn at rogue castle,lava maze, ice platue that will spawn every 30-60 minute which Gives Vesta's, Statius, Zuriel's, Morrigan pieces, Gano pieces, korasi,dragon claws, armadyl godsword, armadyl crossbow, Nex Pieces and other stuff that I cannot name on the top of my head right now, 500 hits isn't enough to make last 1500 hits until it degrades or just don't make it degrade. I Know some of the Op stuff is Disable from entering the wilderness which I think you guys already did Add a wilderness boss that is like a global boss that spawns every hour with 5000 hp but will be in the wilderness that drops 1/1 50m coins every kill 1/150 on all nex pieces 1/1000 for a $10 scroll drop 1/1500 for a x1 OSRS token that will allow you to transfer get 25m OSRS GP or sell ingame for 100b yes I know this idea on the OSRS token that will allow you to get 10m osrs gp might sound a bit dumb because everyone on here is already rich... 1/2500 on some of the boxes I know i still got a bunch of list to start with but please comment down below to suggest what they should do to the PVP system.


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