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  1. Hello, you have been caught breaking a few different rules recently. You were warned about multivoting on 24th April then you proceeded to do the same again this morning, youve also been warned for Multi promocodes and Multi accounts at World bosses. You were asked to become familiarised with our rules on the first warning So due to this being your second offence of multivoting you have been placed under a 72 hour ban
  2. Join us all on Charmies livestream of the latest update https://discord.com/channels/486220965991284758/997723026416222218/1015034352226291754
  3. Well done guys on all promotions, looking forward to seeing you all progress ❤️
  4. Very nice @ dvls , looking forward to seeing more of your work
  5. Very Nice Sammy, well done ❤️
  6. I like this idea, bit like the old T tab next to the minimap, nice idea Minion


play now
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