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  1. What is, in actuality, happening here? Where was the "personal" standpoint?
  2. I will consider Iron Manning without donos and grinding it out! We'll see what I'll get up to!
  3. Now that I have finally reached Overlord Cape in the basic gameplay style: I want a NEW goal for myself, and any ideas will be taken into consideration. I have a couple of things in my mind already, either go with all achievements (including master) or go for max experience on all skills. I have also been thinking about starting an Iron Man or Realism gameplay. Comment your ideas here on what should I do, or just do nothing. Appreciated, Grim
  4. Good guide, plain and simple but still very detailed and helpful! Thank you!
  5. Owner Arthur - Really knows what players like and respects other players as equal. Supreme - Haven't had a talk but the way he shows his contribution to the server is magnificent. Co-Owner Kevin - Personally the coolest and chillest Co-Owner in existence. Manager Dutch - Absolutely the most loving personality on here. Takes care of all problems. Lewis - Sweeney <3. Does a great job managing the server. Global Administrator - Administrator Justin - Helps with problems even when he's not online. Khalid - Really helpful and knows his ways around problems. Athos - Keep up the good work! Love ya! ❤️ Mak3 - Haven't really talked that much. Global Moderator Bigzy - Sometimes cranky but it keeps the server tighty! ❤️ Moderator Rapiid ags - Engages the most in problems. Shiftynex - Cool guy! Server Support Nealth - We'll see what he'll become! So far so good! Trial Support Bernard - We'll see Forum Manager - Forum Moderator -
  6. Hi ya'll. My name is Grim Reaper, mostly preferring the name Grimey and I'm from Finland. Currently 29 hours in-game. If you see me come say hello in-game.


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