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  1. elff

    RoB i

    I was curious if you could make an option that leaves the full drop for big drops on ground for "ROB i". Just felt like it lost its emotion and got boring after days of PvM not actually seeing a drop! elff,
  2. Hey, to whom ever reads this or got annoyed with how many silly suggestions I've thrown up there, just pm me and tell me whats thee deal is.



  3. elff

    Potion idea

    i had an idea since we have special attack, and other potions: what about a statistic reset potion for stats under level 80-90? would be a vote store item potentially?
  4. elff

    New boots (set)

    Dragon feet booties of the different dragons? Green, Red, Blue and Black. -maybe KBD drops a special pair too?/ Queen black dragon if added can have a pair too
  5. elff

    New boots (set)

    Dragon feet booties of the different dragons? Green, Red, Blue and Black. -maybe KBD drops a special pair too?/ Queen black dragon if added can have a pair too
  6. elff

    Zombie minigame

    -a zombies minigame with mutant tarn and other zombie or arch-fiend boss monsters trying to over power the house that you can use your construcion forify the house by building the planks and nails to the windows and doors to keep the zombies out/ maybe a altar spot to build for players with 99 construction so they can pray like at godwars and sink to fill vials from the guy selling un-noted grimy herbs(ranarr,irit,avantoe,kwuarm,cadantine,dwarfweed,lantadyme,toadflax)/potion ingriendiants(snape grass,kibbit teeth dust, limpwurt root, dragon scale dust, white berries, wine of zamarok, poatoe catus, crushed nest) to make potions / planks/ nails/ vials/ pick axes and hatchets/ /tinder box/ logs/ salmon or bass(be able to fish rock tails?)/red vine worms?/fly fishing rod? like in catherby just a little fish pool -Start with coins/ steel sword? -bunny cage like a thieving stall to get red chimpowas to use for range to hit zombies damging the barracades on the other side, before they get in. -maybe the zombies can drops barrows cause your'e always barrowing the deads goods - dragon boots? whip? as drops too to make the bosses easier. -maybe bind a weapon/armour(s) -more points the higher the wave? -wheither or not they keep everything earned from the minigame like the items from cows is up to you. also if faund of it, maybe the building can advance and the zombies be higher lvl and shops sell the super pots and you have to make extreme pots or overloads now and maybe the monsters/bosses drop choatics, cause its "choatic" the minigame its self. -point shop- no ideas yet from me
  7. Can we make the "Runecrafter" sklling gear like a bee keeper suit as a perk as having the full set? BENEFIT(idea😞 Take no damage/siphon properly (2 fragment reward)maybe low xp gain aswell 100-400)) - in full "Runecrafter" *Goal: if you're lucky you may get a 10k experience drop*
  8. Few items missing in general as drops from ::drops (bronze boots, arrow tips). The headless arrows and arrow shafts need to drop more quantity. As us f2p need a little over 3 million headless arrows and rune arrow tips for around 1,9-2,1b exp to cap the stat: reason being: 1.-(you can't just buy xp like Donors) 2-no items in shop @ fletching for either item either)) 3-crafting 3 million of each is a little much too time consuming without drops as well 4- lastly you CANNOT donate for supplies either. Which makes sense considering the perks and benefits of ::di. Anyways, I think the amounts currently do not make sense considering we get like 1,5-3k+ iron ores/ essence sometimes per kill from the boss' compared to our 12 arrow shafts/headless arrows from the zombies NPC's . Maybe add the shafts and headless arrows as boss drops so we can get more useful skilling supplies. An other idea would be to to just add both headless arrows, and arrow shafts as well as all the arrow tips to the fletching store. Elff
  9. I was thinking that it'd be humorous and add more texture and personality to the server and be kinda funny to see what people "::" is when they openly mess up -Custom Donation Option- Just a fast one I wanted to throw out there
  10. I was thinking that adding the "ToKHaar-Kal-Ket" to the Master Achievements completion as a end result is a good idea. As the regular achievements allows access to the Completion cape as an end result, after completing all the tasks at hand. I was only under the impression that is is a good idea because it allows players access to a cape that you may or may not have the luck or skill required to obtain yourself as a player through the ::ffa event but still have experienced all the PvP-PvM-Skilling and Mini-game portions of the game. Also you CANNOT donate for it so it also forces players to experience the game. https://runescape.wiki/w/TokHaar-Kal-Ket Elff
  11. elff

    +1 Item to game

    Since we have every pair of boots in-game, why not add "Bronze boots" as well to the monster drop table. Kind of un-logical not too. +1 --- ADD - Bronze boots https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Bronze_boots -elff
  12. Add a title - "naughty" ? or Fishy
  13. elff


    new boss - "Soulgazer" (popular for the drop "hexhunter bow") Thought this would be a good new addition for the future when the servers all caught up on its maintenance and what not so no extra bugs or fix's are needed or added. I think it would also be a good add-on because of the "Enchantment of dispelling" attachment that can also be added to game which adds a damage boost overall to the bow (boost % of choosing) thought it could be added to nightmare as a 1/1800. Also the bow can be "Augmented" and instead of that process you could add the "augmented Hexhunter box" to the ::alchemy table as the upgraded version like the Scythe and Scythe x alchemies. Would recommend making as a --lower-- drop rate! As the bow shoots very fast, has a damage boost and can be upgraded. https://runescape.wiki/w/Hexhunter_bow https://runescape.wiki/w/Enchantment_of_dispelling https://runescape.wiki/w/Augmented_hexhunter_bow https://runescape.wiki/w/Soulgazer Ty


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