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  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Oh sheeeeshhhhh !!!! Amazing work team !!! Lets goooo simpies 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  2. @ Vennelle @ lapin 😊😊🥰
  3. @ Vennelle @ lapin @Crooshy There you go , the sexy man with the good side of my face
  4. Welcome to the "Box Only" game mode! In this game mode, players will focus on utilizing boxes and other special items to progress and thrive. Here are the rules and mechanics that define the "Box Only" game mode: 1. Box-Naming Requirement: All "Box Only" accounts must have the words "box" or "boxes" in their character names to ensure their active participation in the game mode. 2. Mystery Box Economy: Players are only allowed to use items obtained from boxes, event boxes, or similar loot containers. Players can purchase boxes from designated in-game shops, players' Point of Sale (POS) , or obtain them through events and activities. 3. Supplies and Trading: Players can purchase supplies from designated in-game shops using the in-game currency earned from selling items obtained from drops. Trading is only allowed between "Box Only" accounts. Regular players cannot trade with "Box Only" accounts. "Box Only" accounts can sell items obtained from boxes or drops to regular players, but they can only buy additional boxes from regular players or shops . 4. Utilizing Every $ Scroll: Each Donation Scroll (or $ Scroll) obtained through monster drops or boxes must be used in the "Box Only" account. 5. Obligatory Summer Keys: Summer Keys must be used within the "Box Only" game mode. They can be redeemed for boxes or other beneficial items in the Summer Chest. 6. Relic Drops: Players are allowed to keep and use Relic drops obtained from monsters or boxes. 7. Boosting and Lamp Usage: Players are allowed to boost the first $20 Scroll from another account to aid in their progression. Additionally, they can use lamps to gain experience at the ::di (Donator Zone) location. Embrace the "Box Only" game mode and make the most of your box-filled adventure. With these unique rules and mechanics, you'll discover the thrill of utilizing boxes to their fullest potential on your journey to success!
  5. @ Owndurazz I appreciate the feedback brother ❤️
  6. With TOA coming out i would like to suggest a Blood Masori ( f ). This is the version i made in photoshop, bare in mind i dont have much experience , did it mostly for fun . I appreciate feedbacks. Masori Body ( f ) ''NORMAL OSRS VERSION'' Blood Masori Body ( f ) ''BLOOD VERSION'' Stats for the set balanced between the Sagittarian set and the Dark Sagittarian set ( @ Owndurazz idea) . Special effects: The player has a 15% chance to absorb the opponent's HP (PVM ONLY) , recovering a small amount of health with each successful hit. The amount recovered is higher when the user is low on health.


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