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💥🩸💥 [22.06.2024] Emperor Massacre II, Tumeken's Shadow X, Scoreboard Revamp, Return Of The Great Guardian, Dragonic Summer Chest, Tons of Client/Server Fixes & More!

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Arthur    418

Summer Banner - Simplicity.png


We are excited to announce the release of the new Summer Update, featuring the Emperor Massacre Expansion. This update includes a comprehensive array of new features and enhancements that we are sure you will love. The highlights include the latest installment, Emperor Massacre II, Additionally, we are introducing Tumeken's Shadow X, a powerful new staff, and Tumeken's Relic. Fans will be thrilled with the return of the Greatish Guardian Boss, and the unveiling of the Dragonic Summer Chest. Finally, we are proud to present the newest Fortified Masori set and look forward to seeing you enjoy these exciting additions!


Summer Divider.gif

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge in the realm of Emperor's Massacre II! This event is designed to push your combat abilities to their absolute limits. Hosted daily by the event organizers, this new version builds upon the ancient tales of the last emperor, promising even greater rewards and fiercer battles. To start your journey, speak with Algar The Immortal, who resides north of the Edgeville Bank at home. Once the event is announced, he will guide you into the fray. In Emperor's Massacre II, you'll receive 2000x boost to all combat stats, unlimited soulsplit, and the powerful 20x20 AoE on your weapons, making you a force to be reckoned with. and this time, the stakes are higher, and the rewards even more enticing.




Event Mechanics and Waves

The event consists of five intensified waves, each more challenging than the last. Survive these waves, and you will be richly rewarded.

There is a total of 5 waves and the mechanics are the exact same as the previous Emperor Massacre event. You complete the wave and move on the next wave with more powerfull and bigger npc's. The waves have been displayed in order. Starting from 1 till 5:


Wave 1



Wave 2
Wave 2-.png


Wave 3

wave 3-.png


Wave 4

wave 4-.png


Wave 5

wave 5-.png


Big Rewards

Each wave completion grants you a chance to earn Emperor's keys. The Emperor's Chest contains exclusive items, rare equipment, and powerful artifacts not available anywhere else. Additionally, completing the event grants you Emperor Points, redeemable at Algar The Immortal's reward shop for a variety of exceptional rewards.


Emperor's Points and Rewards Shop

Earn Emperor Points with each completed wave and use them to purchase a plethora of unique items from Algar's shop, including:
- Exclusive gear sets
- Powerful weapons
- Rare consumables
- Special pets with combat bonuses


Event Enhancements

To keep things exciting, Emperor's Massacre II introduces new mechanics and challenges:
- **Randomized enemy abilities**: Each wave features enemies with varied abilities to keep you on your toes.
- **Dynamic environments**: Fight in ever-changing landscapes that affect combat strategies.
- **Timed challenges**: Complete waves within set time limits for bonus rewards.


Important Notes

- **Individual NPC Health Bars**: NPC health bars now display the correct HP values. Previously, if an NPC had 100k HP but typically only showed 10k, the health bar would not decrease until it dropped below 10k. Now, the health bar reflects the full HP, starting to decrease immediately upon taking damage.


- **Wave 10 Portal**: At wave 10, there is a 1/10 chance for a portal to spawn, allowing progression to Emperor's Massacre II wave 11 if at least 25 players are still alive. The portal can also be activated manually when a respawn token is active. Players must enter the portal within 1 minute, or they will be auto-teleported home. (see GIF for portal)





- **Respawn Token**: This can activate after any wave in Emperor's Massacre I with a 1/300 chance if a player dealt more than 1000 damage in that wave. It can also be manually triggered with `::toggle forceRespawnToken` (or `::toggle fst`). The respawn token instantly opens the lobby for Emperor's Massacre II to any player outside the event and guarantees the portal to Emperor's Massacre II after wave 10 for participants.


- **Anti-AFK Mechanic**: This feature is now fully operational.


Emperor Massacre II Specifics

- **Total Waves**: 5 waves in total.
- **Mythical Nuke Effect**: There is a 1/1000 chance on any NPC death to trigger this effect, which clears all NPCs in the current wave.
- **Wall of Flames**: Automatically removed when wave 11 is about to start (1 minute after spawning the portal at level 10).


Additional Changes

Located at home, it now has a 'read' option to explore the story of the Emperor's Massacre and access achievements for both Emperor's Massacre I and II and a New achievements has been added for Emperor's Massacre II. We also decided to add a red drakeling pet in Emperor's Massacre II, with a 1/1000 chance of obtaining it upon completing the event. So? what are you waiting for. Embrace the challenge of Emperor's Massacre II, and prove your might against the most formidable foes. With enhanced mechanics, better drops, and an exhilarating new structure, this event promises a test of strength and skill like no other. Speak to Algar The Immortal and begin your journey to glory and riches today!

Summer Divider.gif


**Tumeken's Shadow X: The Pinnacle of Power**

Introducing Tumeken's Shadow X, the ultimate upgrade combining Tumeken's Ornament Kit, Tumeken's Shadow, and two Sanguinesti Staff Xs. This staff is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance within the Tombs of Amascut (ToA), making it the Best-in-Slot (BIS) weapon for this challenging environment.


Components for Creation:

Tumeken's Ornament Kit - Essential for upgrading Tumeken's Shadow to its superior form.

Tumeken's Shadow - The core component, enhanced to extraordinary power.

2x Sanguinesti Staff X - Integral to achieving the final, powerful form of Tumeken's Shadow X.


Key Features:
Tumeken's Shadow X is the most overpowered staff available for use within ToA, delivering exceptional performance and devastating damage. Specifically designed for ToA, it significantly outperforms other weapons in this setting within ToA with remarkable damage, capable of hitting nearly double the damage of the Staff of Neptune, making it an indispensable asset for any serious adventurer.

Tumeken's Shadow X redefines what it means to wield power within the Tombs of Amascut, setting a new standard for excellence and strength.





Summer Divider.gif


We are excited to unveil the all-new, comprehensive scoreboard, meticulously designed to provide a wealth of information about your in-game progress and achievements. This revamped scoreboard offers detailed insights across various aspects of gameplay, ensuring you stay informed and motivated. Here's what you can expect:


Skill XP Tracking
Detailed Breakdown:

Track your experience points across all skills with precision, helping you monitor your growth and identify areas for improvement.


Player vs Player (PvP) Kill/Death Ratio (KDR)
   Performance Metrics:

Keep tabs on your PvP performance with a clear display of your kill/death ratio, showcasing your combat prowess against other players.


Player vs Monster (PvM) Kills and Points
   Comprehensive Stats:

View your total monster kills and accumulated points, reflecting your success and efficiency in PvM encounters.


Elite Slayer Level and XP
   Advanced Progression:

Monitor your elite slayer level and experience points, allowing you to track your progress in this challenging and rewarding discipline.


Points and Completion:

Stay updated on your achievement points and the number of achievements completed, motivating you to reach new milestones.


Collection Log
Completion Tracking:

See how many unique items you have collected, encouraging you to pursue and complete your collection log.


Additional Personal Data
Comprehensive Overview:

Access a plethora of other useful information regarding your personal gameplay data, ensuring you have a full picture of your in-game accomplishments.


This revamped scoreboard is designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing detailed, easily accessible information about your progress and achievements. Stay informed, stay motivated, and continue to excel in every aspect of your adventure!




Summer Divider.gif


We are thrilled to announce the reintroduction of the Great Guardian Boss as part of our Summer Update. This unique and fully custom boss is now located at the new ::guardian zone / ::summerboss. With new fighting mechanics and heavy-hitting capabilities, the Great Guardian promises an exciting and challenging experience for all players.


Key Features:

Unique Fighting Mechanics: The Great Guardian brings new fighting mechanics to the table. One of its special abilities involves turning half of its thunder into variant minions that spawn from the ground below. These minions deal damage, so be prepared and bring food!


Fire Wave and Rainfall Attacks: The Great Guardian can cast devastating fire waves from all directions. Additionally, it has a full rainfall attack mechanic similar to the Dark Lord and Blood Star Boss, integrating elite-tier combat mechanics for an intense battle experience.


Fire Ball Attacks: Among its arsenal, the Great Guardian also shoots out variant fireball attacks, adding another layer of challenge to the encounter.


Event Timing: The Great Guardian event will be hosted every hour (60 minutes) and will automatically deploy when the timer is up. Keep a close watch on the ::events list with a timer to stay updated on every global boss event available.


Prepare yourself for the epic battles ahead and enjoy the thrill of taking on the formidable Great Guardian Boss in this summer's update!



image (8).png



Summer Divider.gif








The Fortified Masori armour is a set of ranged armour that is a part of the newly released elite armoury in simplicity with our update. The Fortified Masori belonged to the Masori clan, famed as powerful wielders of ranged weapons during the Kharidian–Zarosian War. They were renowned for defending people from bandits exploiting the wartime chaos. It ranks as one of the best ranged armours in the game, surpassing the normal Masori armour as well as the Light/Dark Sagittarian armour in terms of ranged attack bonuses and hidden damage passive effects while containing a set bonus effect .



Summer Divider.gif

The Warmonger Health has been increased and the Drop-table has been revamped as well







As you already know, we have added the Emperor Massacre II (2) to our Achievements system.




Summer Divider.gif


Introducing the all new dragon box containing relics, keys, boxes and tons of valuable items and goodies. This New Dragon box is the most overpowed box we have ever made in Simplicity history and will be limited untill the summer event ends. This box will be only obtainable via donations.




Summer Divider.gif


We try our best to push significant improvements to our Simplicity Server. Our team of developers have been working hard to address various issues and enhance the gaming experience for our players. The list goes as followed:


Fixed Rune Knife visual
Fixed Clan Chat Ranking System
Fixed Drop party Individual slots for items
Fixed Minor bug within chat interface
Fixed Minor bug within Vote claims
Fixed Minor issue related to Voting System
Fixed POS command at Dusk
Fixed Gregorovic Graphic bug at home
Fixed minor Gregorovic bug when doing special attack
Fixed variant spelling mistakes
Fixed Chatbox Resizable bug
Fixed Chat interface area bug

Summer Divider.gif


We are excited to announce the addition of several new features to enhance your gaming experience.

The following features have been implemented:


Added 5000 Bonus-orb Trigger
Added 10000 Bonus-orb Trigger
Added Galvek Retreats
Added Emperor Amulet (neptune)
Added new Destructor Values
Added Tumeken's Shadow X
Added New animation for Tumeken's Shadow X
Added Holy Ornament Kit To Telos Drop-Table
Added new drop-table for Warmonger
Added Tumeken's Ornament Kit to ToA Drops
Added Tumeken's Ornament Kit to collection log
Added Emperor Massacre II (2)
Added New Emperor Massacre Zone
Added New Portal token
Added New Dragon Box
Added New Elite Summer Box
Added New Dragonic Keys (Dragonic Summer Keys)
Added New Mythical Set Deal
Added New Overlord Set Deal
Added New Ocean Archer Set Deal
Added Drakelings Emperor Massacre Event
Added Emperor's Drakeling (not released yet)
Added Dragonic Summer Chest
Added New Scoreboard Interface
Added New Particle System for customs
Added New Texture loader for customs
Added 1500 Bundle deals (3 in total)


Summer Divider.gif


We would like to inform you of a recent change to the game that we have implemented. After careful consideration and analysis, we have determined that the following features have been removed due to a low frequency of use:

Disabled Stone Chest
Increased TOB Rewards Drop Chance
Increased Solak Health
Increased Elite Holy Myth (6) combat damage
Increased Elite Sanguinese SOV (6) combat damage
Algar the Importal has a been repositioned







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brad19    19

another banger! cant wait for new emp events!

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Jsteeze    25

Amazing work and thank you  development team/staff team! Love the update! 

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