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  1. I like the idea of a back button +1
  2. You've got some great ideas! +1 for sure ❤️
  3. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of Ironman though doesn't it? Ironman can get box drops from monsters like everyone else, and those can contain $$ scrolls.
  4. Welcome to Simplicity! Feel free to ask any questions, and check ::Staff in-game if you need them
  5. Oh I know, but not everyone knows that and they always ask all the way up until it says the event is over. I figured this would help stop people from asking, maybe.
  6. I like this, It's a great idea. Maybe also add in if the drop party has been done already or a countdown for when it will happen.
  7. You're definitely not wrong. Had it not been for my luck at drop parties and being able to donate I probably wouldn't have as much as I do now. There really should be some more lower-tier weapons for the newer players to access. That way they're not grinding forever for a twisted bow from a magma blowpipe.
  8. Nice, now you just need to get a log of 100 Hydra/Raids!
  9. Congrats @ Augusto31 & @ Dpowerhouse !
  10. Seems like a good idea, but I do agree that there would need to be some thought put in so that we can make sure no one can make insane amounts of cash off of this store. I'll brainstorm a little more and see what I come up with.
  11. Welcome Yeah we have a great community here!


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