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  1. this is epic! verry good job!!!
  2. All done from afk tree duplicate items thrown to well, not much good luck 293k bitternuts, 588m wc exp, 269 hours playtime, 22b cash
  3. full tob is great but 3rd boss is pain in the ass even with good team. other ones are just fine
  4. TrollGame

    Solo Tob

    how hard this is with normal sagi set
  5. rob doubles drops ? i was thinking its diamond rank+
  6. DONE Hello! So I have almost 5k so far, I mostly do raids/tob/hydra. This is my gear atm / hydra setup Here are some hydra trips 😛 No leather / amulet yet. Pet at 670kc(?)
  7. are you saying best drops can not be looted in just a boss fight ? only in full run ?
  8. what rewards are in priestige shop
  9. i can not zoom out as much as in fixed mode
  10. yes that works, but in resize-able i can not zoom far enough


play now
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