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Live right now! - Joël Is Bored

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JoelIsBored    6

Hi guys, 


Since I have some time on my hands and get bored really quickly I thought it would be fun to live stream myself exploring the server! First thing I did was advertise it in-game @ CCSKsrB.pngGarbage bin - I'm sorry lmao.


Anyway - hopefully this is the right way to do it! So if you're bored and just want to hang out, chat and explore the server or even help me explore it, check out the stream through this URL:



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JoelIsBored    6

Oke! So the stream is over after 5 hours! Wasn't bored whatsoever. 


Thanks for @ z4xjJ3s.pngSyrex  for helping me out and showing me the ropes and events. Thanks @ bh57RGx.pngR M B T  for giving me the stage and tell everyone you like men and telling me that @ CCSKsrB.pngGarbage bin  keeps touching you AND approving this thread. Also a special shoutout to @ KR7IEB9.pngKevin  for gifting me a rapier and the Falador Massacre event! Also thanks to @ purekiwi06  for showing me the PVP event and gifting me full Torva.


Had a lot of fun on this server and will continue on doing so. If i get the chance i'll make a 'Stream Highlights' video and upload it here.


Thank you all once again for all your guy's(?)/girl's(?) kindness and warm welcome!


First ever stream in my lifetime was a succces.


If you'd like to re-watch the whole stream, here it is!: 


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JoelIsBored    6
26 minutes ago, R M B T said:

Hey, glad you had a good time playing and I certainly enjoyed watching you progress. Always nice to see fresh faces enjoying the grind! 


I hope to see you in-game more frequently :)



Thank you for the kind words! Will be back for sure. Going live again as we speak. Had too much fun!



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JoelIsBored    6
4 hours ago, Syrex said:

I watched some bits of your the vid from after i went to work, looks like everyone has been kind to you. :)

you got a good setup to start with, hope to see you some more  ingame ❤️ 

Ah that's cool! Everyone has been kind indeed. I think i got an unfair start lmao. And i will be on more often! Live as we speak.

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