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Superior Pets

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I'm not sure about anyone else but I feel like some pets although looking awesome, are just not worth getting purely because at the end of the day all you want is a superior pet to have SS. So i was wondering if we could make it that once you receive one of the 3 superior pets (Zuk, Vorkath or Olm) you have an option to buy another scroll that costs significantly more (100-200B) and it gives you the ability to turn any combat related pet (not skilling) into a superior pet.


Let me know your thoughts and am open to discussion on it.


Thanks Heaps


- Tooheys

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Ytmillsey    55

Hey there Warmtooheys, We also have a suggestions channel on our discord if you'd like to get more responses regarding it there you'll be able to see players likes/dislikes on the suggestion given. 

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The Superior Pets are the custom part of this server, the pets in game are ment to be collected not to server a purpose other than a achievement of grinding the different boss's. This is just my opinion also.

This has also been suggested before about making a scroll to rename the pets maybe but not make them superior. I Think making them tradeable is a better option.

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I see what you're saying and I agree that tradeable is a good option as another money making avenue would open up. What I'm getting at is that the only pets you see around are the main superior pets and the ones that people grind for are never put out out on display because they're useless once you get them. If the second superior scroll was an option the original superior pets would still serve their purpose and be a viable option but those pets that people grind for that aren't currently superior would also be an option and would be a nice addition to the game and maybe people would want to grind different pets.

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