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YTMillsey - Introduction

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Ytmillsey    54

Hey Everyone I'm Gavin  or YTMillsey as known in-game.

I'm from the UK  25 married with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way, It's been a while since I touched an RSPS with the last one being my own in 2016 when I had lost the care for Runescape in general.  I slowly got back into playing OSRS and that seems to be going well (all things said I haven't played that for 7 months but still) it got me back to thinking of rsps and servers I used to remember that no longer run and found this server. I'm not normally one who will choose a single server to play as with some I just get bored to the point of losing interest but this server seems different with the amount of events that happen on a daily basis and is thriving with possibilities for the future of the community and that I'm interested in seeing. So many ranks here to Achieve and I like that unlike most they are not locked behind a paywall and that any and all players can over time achieve the high donator ranks though just general play time, I've been here just over a week and have already accumulated over a 120 hours player time and with the Master achievement system keeping me busy I can see that hitting a 1000 hours easily.


I hope to see many of you in-game and I wish you all the best of luck in your simplicity journey.


-YTMillsey (Gavin)

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Lil Durk    2

Welcome to Simplicity! I hope you enjoy your stay here, it's a beautiful community! Message me anytime in game ! :D

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