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  1. I understand it's harsh but i'm not one to beat around the bush and avoid saying what needs to be said. I'd like to see owners interact with the community more. They're lucky to be in the position they are. The server has went from 300+ active players to 200 +/- in less than two weeks. But yes, Tax staking for sure.
  2. I understand the owners want to keep the server active so they can keep making money but the surprise new tax is just going to hurt them. -owners should implement update polls as osrs does -Tax staking only, remove FP and make staking in a controlled area that forces the tax like OSRS duel arena - If there's too many items in game, Turn off safe deaths! No items leave the game if no one dies. Make it a 5-10 minute timer. - POS is going to be avoided by most players now. Everyone will be swarming CC, yell, forums and discord -As mentioned, if tax is going to remain put the money into the lottery or drop parties. -This server is heavily based on making money. Once you have bis every slot there's not much to do. I've seen many people quit as a result.
  3. Yea! Perhaps gear like third age or anything not commonly used. Even it's an untradeable scroll you can apply to the gear to help the prices of the regular pieces. I wouldn't make them BiS as it would crash the economy but definitely second or third BiS
  4. +1 I agree, There's a lot of times i'll leave either tekton or warmonger when it's above "capacity" to give newer players a chance at loot. This server needs more pvm events regardless. Once you have money the game becomes less exciting so also maybe adding untradeable Pvm sets dropped from bossing would help keep players around.
  5. I don't mind that you have to wait for the Ovl to expire but they need to fix the timers as they are not synced up.
  6. This is mostly for people who use spec tbh. It would really help out new players with bossing etc
  7. I agree to a small extent but there definitely ways to make quick cash. Voting and selling them to PoS is an easy 500-600m. Lately drop parties have been daily offering a chance to win big money.
  8. Also switching the portals to common areas would make con useful
  9. Hello, With Super energy potions not being in the game it's not possible to make Restore special potions. It would be nice to have superior garden added into construction so Ornate Pool could be constructed. Ornate restores hitpoints, special attack, Run energy(redundant), prayer, reduced stats and cures poison.


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