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  1. Cgh

    Update Rule 8.11

    They absolutely do let you off free all the time, especially for small violations. You think everytime someone has a broken taillight or the wrong window tint they get hauled off to jail? Also changes in laws are often given lots of media coverage and notices, such as the age to buy tobacco in the US being raised to 21. Shops had signs months in advance, it was all over the news and very much announced. Even just going into gaming, when a game updates their rules there is usually a pop up before you login that you have to acknowledge letting you know about any changes. And again this is not an appeal, I've served my punishment already. This is a suggestion on the way the rule is worded and enforced.
  2. Cgh

    Update Rule 8.11

    Lmao you mean the server that Rees was an owner of and recruited almost all of the original players from? And it might not make it ok but it would certinly make you a better helper if you informed people of the rules before they break them/you punish them.
  3. Cgh

    Update Rule 8.11

    A few points to this^ You might have messaged me in CC but I didn't see it as I was at home surrounded by people talking, CC people talking, random game alerts, and people on ::yell. Maybe use PM next time? I dropped maybe 40m in items, which is nothing on this server Multiple prior offences...? As a day 1 player I can tell you rules change constantly, and 8.11 is new. Maybe there should be an in game announcement telling players when rule changes happen. I mean I don't know how new 8.11 is but it must be pretty new, since just yesterday I did a HnS and a mod tele'd to me and said nice hiding spot. Anyways my suggestion still stands and this isn't an appeal, the rules should be updated with the punishment listed.
  4. Would be nice to add the punishment to the description of the rule (1k imps from what I was given today). 8.11 Drop Parties/HnS/Giveaways Drop partying is no longer allowed and can ONLY be hosted by staff when approved. Exception being the drop parties that come with $200+ donations that put boxes automatically into the chest. Hns or any type of giveaway has to be approved by a member of staff. And maybe have staff just tell players not to host a HnS/Drop Party when they announce that they are doing one. Seems pretty shitty to be a member of staff, watch someone host a HnS for about an hour, then immediately after they finish, jail them. Instead of seeing someone saying "doing hns come find me" and letting them do it...pm them/yell/say in cc "HnS are against the rules" and that being the end of it.
  5. Cgh

    Buff Maiden

    For some reason it's currently solo loot takes 10 mins to kill solo because of the stupid orbs Drops the least gold of any boss 3h respawn timer And this is a reward for comping? My suggestions would be- Make it multi loot like every other event boss up the coins to 10m+ because hydra shouldn't give more than an event boss only for comped players Reduce the frequency of the orbs Lower the respawn timer
  6. So, in my days before simplicity, I was a tournament manager for a league of legends tournament site which hosted 5-8 league of legends tournaments a day. I would like to bring something similar simplicity. The Idea would be to host daily tournaments at a specific time to get people active and give the more end game players something to do. The plan right now is to host multiple different types of tournaments for different types of players. Some ideas so far include; my classic duel arena dds tournament, a 1v1 pking tournament, a random team 5v5 pking tournament, and a “stack your team” style pking tournament. Rees has given us thee go-ahead to do this with some funding but, in order to host daily tournaments, I need a few more people to help. Right now, I am working with Lewissweeny and Divine with Lewis helping oversee and divine helping plan pk tournaments. If you are interested in helping (should only take a few hours per week) message me on discord or in game.
  7. Currently 104/106 Hard Tasks Harvest 1k Torstols (629/1k) Elite Tasks Complete All Hard Tasks (31/32)
  8. fuck no. They approve suggestions 1 at a time if you haven't noticed, that ain't gonna happen if you edit people's posts together and edit titles without saying shit
  9. A farming timer so when you click a plot it tells you the time left 2x herbs from magic secateurs don't work for task 2x ores from d pick don't work right now it's a really fucked up way to scam new players and it's often the most vetren players doing it, for example, @I Alex I has 1k magic logs noted in his POS for 5m ea hoping to get a noob to think 5m is the total price. shit like that and selling shit for 100x the actual value is fucked. Argue all you want but that type of shit is a scam and should be against the rules.
  10. Currently 103/106 Hard Tasks Harvest 1k Torstols (204/1k) Elite Tasks Complete All Hard Tasks (31/32) -side note, I maxed my 2nd account in the time it took me to complete the mining task...so yea...


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