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  1. Welcome Porta! We all definitely here to help you! Enjoy your stay and come raid with me sometime
  2. I agree with Justin it'd be pointless adding a new completionist task especially the way it is right now, also agree with Bernard with adding addition coin drops to TOB and Raids. Nerf magic knife drop rate and buff the loot. feel like if someone could already get a superior pet from it. Isn't it buffed enough already? Also the more love to skilling should be towards things that actually involved people to skill and not the afk zones. This way those people that do love to skill can benefit more from them. Gives also a sort of active community vibe, than an afk zone vibe. Besides that I agree with everything else.
  3. It's very smooth! Definitely like it @ Justin
  4. Fastneasy

    Hey there.

    Welcome welcome! Look forward to seeing you in-game Good ole bot check Anyways have a great time if you need anything let me know in-game!
  5. Fastneasy

    Dung Tweek

    Spec weapons I don't agree with since I don't think the runs are doing that bad, the points per game shows the amount of grind you have to do for certain chaotic/primal weapons however I do agree with lowering the prices slightly to make it more appealing to grind dungeoneering. I agree there are some bugs to be fixed through dungeoneering that should definitely be taken a second look at. As far as binding is concerned I think 3 items is a good amount I three I would recommend anyone to bind if they have a chance is a primal 2h, primal rapier, and maybe a primal helm, top, or body when they start increasing the complexity. Overall this is a good post but some things I like of keeping the way dungeoneering is at and some I definitely would like to see some changes on.
  6. Even if you can't buy the issue that stands is the players price tag on the item. It usually tells another individual maybe since they set it at a certain price I could do equivalent or lower. This could also mess the eco in a certain way.
  7. Both blowpipes already have capabilities of dealing toxic damage, and have high dps compared to most other ranged weapons. I feel like the blowpipe is at a good standing and healing can be done by soul splitting, using combo food, or even using sara brews while overloaded. There are tons of different options for healing I personally think the blowpipe is fine the way it currently stands.
  8. This is some great progress! You should definitely start on the grind for the rob and the best way would be raiding as of right now, you definitely have the gear for it. You could even do it with your rune crossbow but that magma blowpipe should definitely help with dps. I believe your biggest challenge there is not to die. Keep in mind when you enter the only way to exit would either be kill olm or you'd die yourself. So its definitely a challenge but would be great to see you overcome that too! Keep up the great work!
  9. Hey everyone, While I do agree with Justin's post regarding issues with the eco, maybe there is a possible solution to keep the flow of money to continue passing through with players. Such as those individuals that do not log in a weeks/months their items should be removed from the POS and placed into their banks. This way cash is always flowing from person to person. This also goes towards those individuals that end up becoming banned. Their items are held into place in pos while never being removed. If someone happens to buy that item from the banned player, the cash is never flowing back into the eco itself. I feel like a revamp towards removal of items from pos to bank could push money back into the eco allowing for an increase in supply/demand. Like to hear your opinions on this!, Thanks, Fastneasy
  10. Hey everyone, Just an idea what if we added dragonkin lamps in boss point shop. Since it's already easily bought for in donator shop for 100m, and trivia shop for 10 points... Why not add it into boss point shop for 10 points also. Promotes even lower levels to work for something if they want to level a skill without touching it, and focus their time in pvming. Small suggestion would be great to be seen. Besides that please its long over due but update the prestige shop. Thanks, Fastneasy
  11. Hey peeps, Sorry this is just a personal request could we potentially note Serp Helms (regular) ones mainly. I like to show off my collection :) and gamble it :) Thanks Fastneasy


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