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  1. Really enjoyed this, was a good change of pace from the normal bossing and such. Appreciate the votes! Look forward to the next one.
  2. Some big stuff in here, very pog. also, "Fixed issue with comp cape and other defence capes not having the properly." seems like a typo
  3. bonesack

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    At your earliest convenience, please and thanks.
  4. How did you find about Simplicity?: Saw an ad about it on an osrs youtube video What is your favorite gamemode?: Ironman your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: Doing the comp grind is good and bad for me atm, but bossing is def the best. If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: A spoon How would you rate the server from 1-10?: A solid 9 What's your IGN?: Sackofbone


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