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  1. Project for @ Kattrockbell Time Spent: 2hrs Details given: I want it to be Batgirl themed with multiple renders of her please
  2. It's completely different from the last one, different layerstyle, texture, outlining, color tones and there's more depth added to the edges.
  3. TehPeaks

    tehpeaks test

    Tehpeaks test? What?
  4. Thought I'd bring this series back again! Be sure to leave your thoughts! Onyx Rank 2.0 Thoughts? @ Ntho💛 @ 99skill99 @ Rob Macabre
  5. Project for @ Ntho💛 Time Spent: 2hrs Details given: i want it with my ign and rem and ram from rezero like my current signature
  6. Project for @ Kattrockbell Time Spent: 2hrs Details given: Jinx from Arcane, make it look cute!
  7. Hello, I have returned from being MIA for about a year, maybe less. I am opening up my shop once again! If you're interested in purchasing anything (possible purchases will be listed below), please do contact me via private message on forums or even in game "TehPeaks". My most text work will be posted below as an example and from now on all projects done through Simplicity will be posted on this thread as well! Prices will vary depending on the time needed to be invested and time lapse wanted however, for the most part the price will be whatever the client themselves feel like paying. As the new year approaches, I wish you all the best of luck and a happy new year! Here's my old non-rsps related work: https://www.be.net/tehpeaks Details needed to hire me for a project: - What kind of project is this? ex. Signature - What are the colors you're wanting to be included? ex. Blue and Red - How much time are you giving me to complete this project? ex. 24 Hours - What style or themed do you want this project to be? ex. Christmas but with a grunge feeling to it About my work ethic and quality: - Project updates sent on a regular basis - Fast turnover times - I'm very polite - High quality - Suits your description - Inexpensive - Willing to screen share while the project is being worked on - Responsive almost 24/7 - I work on my projects until the client is satisfied Products available for purchase: - Logo - Banner - Signature - Illustrations - Custom Text Rules when purchasing: - Provide some kind of details towards the projects - Be respectful and polite - Be reasonable with the time lapse you're giving for the work to be done - Refunds will only be given if project is failed to be complete on time. (unless a discussion is made for extended time) Previous people I have done projects for: - Kevin (commissioned) - Foly (template) - Simplicity Ranks (uncommissioned) - 99skill99 (commissioned) - Aaron (commissioned) - Couvee Jr (commissioned) - Slowasshonda (commissioned) - Ntho Skiller (commissioned) - Jonnie (commissioned) - Katrockbell (commissioned) My way of preventing scams: In order to better serve those who hire me for a project I will be taking screenshots of the conversations we have about the deals we're making as for the clients, they can do the same if it helps them also feel more secure. Any other kind of work of questions, feel free to contact me! Sincerely, TehPeaks
  8. TehPeaks


    Stop the cappery, I model my emotions on Photoshop instead 😎
  9. Hello again, I have decided to create a forum banner template for all members on the forums to use for free other than a small customization fee. I just thought that maybe the reason on why I haven't been getting many orders is because too many people can't afford the price it cost on average. The customization fee will only be 5b. If you want one with your name on it and or want to change the colors be sure to reply to this thread and I'll get right on it! Oh, and if you want to check out my graphics shop there's a thread for that as well in the "Graphics" section! Below are my personal version and the template itself that I made for Simplicity users!


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