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Having client issues? READ THIS!

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Justin    78



Is your client not opening or having issues caching correctly? Follow this guide to fix all the issues you may be having.


First of all, please ensure you've got Java installed on your computer. You can download that HERE.

Second of all, please ensure that your "SimplicityLauncher" is running as a .jar file.




If your client will not appear on your screen at all, please try reinstalling your Java and Redownloading the Simplicity client. Simplicity client can be found HERE.


If your client still will not appear, download Jarfix and run the .exe. Download link can be found HERE.

TfYcFWl.png After this message, open "SimplicityLauncher"





If your client appears on the screen but you are greeted with this screen, your cache will need to be fixed.



To fix this issue, first you need to delete your current broken Cache. To do so, open your documents and go to "C:\Users\YOURPCNAME"

Locate the .SimplicityCache folder, open it and delete everything inside. DO NOT DELETE THE .SimplicityCache folder. ONLY THE CONTENTS INSIDE.



Now that you've deleted everything inside your .SimplicityCache, please download our fixed cache HERE.

Please extract the .zip file and open the .SimplicityCache folder inside. It should look like this.



Copy everything in this folder and place it in your .SimplicityCache folder that is in the C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\.SimplicityCache location.





You should now be able to freely login to Simplicity!




If you're still having issues, feel free to PM myself or @Simplicity on the forums or PM "Jersturn#1337" or "Rees#5534" on the Simplicity Discord which you can join by clicking HERE.

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Fastneasy    28

Hey all!,


If you're having any Mac issues refer to the IT discussion board on the main forum page! There you can learn how to clear your cache. Soon will be posting other alternative solutions. If you have any problems join our discord chat and pm me so that I may walk you through!


- Thanks


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