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  1. hey Nate, tried lewis got 2 replies and he stopped, maybe he way busy, is there someone else to speak too?
  2. not really, im happy to return whatever i got from the shop for a scroll, ive screenshotted the command sleepin said doesnt work, and it shows how easily confusing it is, would recommend deleting it to avoid further confusion for future players
  3. you do have a ::deals command, type it and give it a try works for me anyway ill screenshot if you need
  4. OH fml ahaha, why do you even have ::deals as a command then
  5. Update: ::deals is the doing same thing, ::benefits worked but doesn't show how to get the $10 scrolls people keep talking about in-game. Wish it was clear from the start i would donate again happily as i understand it costs to run server etc. but i think maybe not
  6. hey guys thanks for the advice, ive been there done that ::deals just comes up empty for me no matter what i try and click (the command tab comes up just no deals) will have to try and give ::benefits a shot , Thanks again
  7. Really don't get much on here donating $15-$30(Aud) just a couple of tokens which buys very little. ::deals doesn't work for me, not sure if its the same for everyone. But yeah wouldn't suggest donating unless its $250+Usd. even ::zone does nothing


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