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  1. Neon

    Brand New

    Welcome Porta, if you need anything feel free to pm me ingame
  2. "kevin can now do a backflip" nice update pog
  3. This is a super cool idea, that way lower value items would have a dedicated price floor, and the bulk of random low-level items are removed from eco. Seems like a win-win.
  4. one of the things I think is important is consistency. Hydra isn't camped so much because it's drops are especially valuable, it's about being able to camp over long amounts of time. Honestly it would be great to have something like lava fire giants from when they first came out, with another variant that is harder to kill for better geared players.
  5. Very nice, mobile and search bar were some much needed features.
  6. Kind of agree with Minh on this one, not a bad idea but right click examining kind of serves that function already.
  7. I really like the idea of making the well more used, especially as a way of dealing with items like hydra cape. Curious to see what others think as well!
  8. Neon

    Hey there.

    Welcome Dave/Cigar glad to have you, welcome to simplicity
  9. Kind of building on this, it would be great to see some sort of overhaul that sees the well being used more frequently by newer players. Maybe boost bandos rates just a bit or something?
  10. These are suggestions provided by cteac, wanted to share here and get feedback 1. Ring of Bosses in magic well, 1-15 get Angelic Ring of bosses with a 5% increase drop rate on top of the reg ring of bosses and a little better stats. 2. Magic well on all bosses capes 1-15 chance to get a max bosses cape, same drop rate bonus but add stats bonus and partial effect and a little change in the design 3. neck of anguish (or) in magic well, 1-25 chance to get angelic boss necklace, pvm only neck cannot take in wildy, three styles magic/melee/range, have to pick a combat style before you can equiped and cannot change style. 4. chaotics, some of us have a shit ton of them, let us put in well for a chance at a new untradable something idk yet will need an untradable item that will be good in wildy i feel. for like wildy bosses or something 5. add a money sink in where we can buy custom boosts in the magic well for 500m each. increase the wells total for being filled from 1.25b to 2.5b
  11. Definitely agree with the stuff about needing somewhere to store cosmetics/pets. I probably won't ever make a UIM but that's a massive quality of life boost which would probably make more people interested in trying it Also adding another method for crafting is a great idea as well. I really like the idea of balancing skilling with a slower/cheaper method when possible. Great ideas here!


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