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POS /GE purchase history

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noxpwaste    3

Hello, i dont know much about anything, and i rarely am able to type ingame properly, i have alot of typos.

but i know one thing. Prices are wild as ***.!

people who havent been here for long and dont know the game well, can be easily tricked into thinking a item is worth more than it actually is, have seen many instances of this already. 

i returned a week ago after a long nice break, and feels good to be back.

i notice alot more wealth here than it used to be, and thats not a bad thing by any means, its easier to make money from pvming than it used to be. :)


But my main point is, we need a more reliable way to check what things have sold for in the past than simply just asking in help chat or another fellow player in the streets of Edgeville.


One guy can say For example a scythe of vitur is worth 20b and another can say its worth 40-50. 

so its very hard to know for sure what the reality is.

also, if someone buys out every lets say "Mystery box" whatever kind of type it for 10b as the cheapest, and then the next in line in pos costs 35b, then its very misleading aswell.


i am aware that this will take a horrendous amount of coding and work in the background, but i belive that it will be worth looking into by the very Smart, intelegent, skilled, and cute people who knows how to code and copy and paste stuff 🕵️‍♂️


Thank you very much for your attention, now you all can go back to doing whatever yall were doing. except you Mak3, we all know you will go back to killing corp :) 

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