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  1. Once again streaming LIVE on YouTube getting the Nightmare squad rolling, come watch me get some fire loot and chill with me listening to some good music and vibing! Can watch the stream via the link below: Help get my reputation to 30 ❤️
  2. Wondering how to do the Nightmare boss fight or struggling on the fight at all? Here is a quick video guide on the fight and how to make the fight easier! (Due to a section of the boss fight not being in the video, I have posted a picture on where to stand when the flowers spawn.) When flowers spawn stand inside this triangle, if you stand outside of it and hit the boss it will heal him. Hope this guide has been helpful ❤️
  3. I am now live streaming on YouTube and will actively be doing so. I want to be able to give back to and support the server in any way I can and hope my content will entertain people and give a positive impact! Can watch the stream via the link below:


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