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  1. Vyvanse

    $ scrolls

    Checking some listings, currently an order for 33B/$10 would be the highest in GE on $10 scrolls (this seems to either fluctuate or give me different search results on a daily basis, as the order of buy orders changes, so it's hard to see what's new or old) I have buys on the scrolls set at 215m each currently, myself and a few others keep outbidding each other.
  2. Vyvanse

    Fixing Nex

    yes sir! was just in-game yesterday talking to a few people about it and figured it was worth throwing in the suggestion box
  3. Vyvanse

    Fixing Nex

    We all know the problems that come with it, in it's current state, this is the worst I've seen since I started a little over a month ago. Essentially one person can run it at a time. Which really isn't all that bad IF you didn't need to get pets in order to not glitch your achievements. So this is hopefully something that will get the votes and attention, and then turn into a multiple choice or "priority list" if you will. Remove the public OR instanced area, this seems to create the problem. Instanced is more stable, from there the team could work on debugging with less code to go through. Fixing the order in which we need to farm these pets for the achievements to properly process. - At least with this, you'd have less people needing to go there, if at all honestly. Achievements are pretty secondary for a lot of people, myself for example, but I go there in fear I'll get a pet in the wrong order and ruin the game, just in case I ever want to complete everything. Also, and this is a very minor issue, but why not mention it.. the clipping issues with the floor while in the Nex room, most of us know how to workaround it, but it deters new players.
  4. Vyvanse

    Well hiya

    Hello simps! I've met quite a few of you already but for those I haven't, hi I'm Vyvanse, been playing for a few weeks now and I'm having a great time. Played RS from 04-09/10ish on dial up and had a wee bit of fun. Hope to see you all in simplicity!


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