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    We are delighted to announce the release of our Christmas update that comes with a brand new Christmas Snowverload Boss Event, Brand new Christmass Boxes, Keys, Insane high tier Cosmetics and so much more! Our team has invested significant effort and dedication in creating this update, and we earnestly hope that our community will derive immense enjoyment from it. Thank you all, and enjoy the latest update by Simplicity. The Brand new Christmass Event comes with the angry and fierce Snowverload Boss, This boss is very powerfull and has the latest GFX animation. You can enter this event by going through the Christmass portal that is located south-west of ::home. Be warned before going through this portal, You will have to fight the Snowverload Boss with the rest of the players, So make sure you gear up and bring some good food. Because this won't be easy! Remember that you will receive 1000 Points eacht you complete the Snowverload Boss Event, you can you use those points at the Empero Santa Shop that is located south of home. Speak with Emperor Santa to start jour Christmas Event Journey! The Christmas portal that will teleport you to Snowverload Boss If u right click on santa, you have the option to check out his amazing shop! Meet Snowverload, a powerful and fierce Snowman that has the latest GFX Animation: Down below the Snowverload Drop Table: It's Christmass, so we decided to proceed and give Santa his own Staff of Neptune! This will be a collectors item and can only be obtained via our brand new Christmass Deals With christmas, comes chrismas decoration. As you already have seen we added early snow throughout the home map to recreate the lovely christmas vibes! Not only that, We took some time to add variant christmas tree's, add custom christmas themes npc's and so much more. Make sure to check out ::home and see all the lovely things we have done ! And how about a massive snow ball fight? Make sure to check out the bank corner wall, where we placed a bunch of snow that you can pick up. Hey! Don't throw it too hard! And NO ICE BALLS Welcome to the Christmas chest of 2023, this chest can only be opened by using the Christmas Key and boy does this chest come with a list of high-tier items, such as the christmass weapon collection, dragon relic, overlord relic and so much more ! The Christmas Casket are the new boxes we introduce for this final month of the year. It also included the brand new Christmas collection set weapons such as the Christmas Vitur, Myth staff and Christmas keys, the powerfull 2x Dragon Relic, Overlord Relic and so much more! The Lil' Snowy pet has been added to the pet collection for all your Pet collectors out there Don't worry he's very friendly! The Dark Snowverload Boss will be spawned after it hits a certain low lvl in HP - He will unleash insane and new GFX animated attacks and will destroy everything in its path. Be careful and make sure you bring some good food and armour because the damage output on this new boss is not a joke! The Snowverload Droptable: tree The new Santa's Giant Box can only be obtained via Donations. Make sure you contact Drogo for more inforamtion about this banger box. The Snow Imp Costume and Candy Cane are the new Event Sets that we introduce as an amazing reward. Players can now obtain this lovely collectors set by completing the new Christmass Event that is located at ::home The White Cheer Hunter Set is only obtainable via Santa's Emperor Store and can also be obtained via donation. The White Cheer Hunter Stats: The Festive Nutcracker Set is only obtainable via Santa's Emperor Store and can also be obtained via donation. The Sweet Nutcracker Set is only obtainable via Santa's Emperor Store and can also be obtained via donation. As you already have noticed, we have added a lot. Therefore we have a small overview of what we have added, and keep in mind. There is so much more that you will see in-game. So make sure you jump online and see all the amazing new Christmas related Cosmetics and Rewards! Gift Wrapped Scythe of Vitur: Santa's Sled: Christmas Shield: Santa's Claws: A list of variant Christmass Holy Myhical Sanguinesti staffs, Emperor capes and Sanguinesti Scyhe of Vitur X down below: This is just one of many, but lets us showcase the new Santa's Emperor Costume that will be LIMITED and only obtainble via Donation. This brand new set is full custom made with new texture models and comes in 5 variant colors. Christmas Executive Bond 1/100 This bond will give you access to a exclusive 28 item filled goodiebag hosted by Drogo or Dutch ! Make sure to PM us upon receiving this insane reward! Santa's Giant Present 1/250 Runelocus Christmas Box 1/5 We try our best to push significant improvements to our Simplicity Server. Our team of developers have been working hard to address various issues and enhance the gaming experience for our players. The list goes as followed: Fixed a wrong teleport from Achievement Diary regarding Rouges Den Fixed Festive Crown bug Fixed and corrected the hand slot for the Plushies from Main weapon to Off-Hand Fixed Elite Slayer Twisted bow (4) Fixed Elite Slayer Twisted bow (5) Fixed Santa Hat bug with General Store Fixed a bug causing pet duping at POH / Menagerie Fixed an issue where Elite weapons of higher tier does less damage that others Fixed an issue where AFK tree's would still Spooky Keys We are excited to announce the addition of several new features to enhance your gaming experience. The following features have been implemented: Added Santa's Staff of Neptune Added Christmas Decoration Added Lil' Snowy Added Dark Snowverload Added Snowverload Mechanics Added Christmas Dragons Added Christmas imps Added Snow Goggles & Hat Added Santa's Giant Box Added Christmass Emperor Cape Added Christmass Tree Added Emperor Santa NPC Added Lil Pegasus Added White Dragon Defender Added Santa's Emperor Costume Set Added Christmas Event Added Snow Imp Costume Added Festive Nutcracker Set Added Sweet Nutcracker Set Added brand new GFX for Christmas Event Boss Added White Reindeer Hat Added White Reindeer pet Added Reinder Pet Added Reinder Hat Added Emperor Sled to Christmas Shop Added Snowflake Sled to Christmas Shop Added Christmas Keys Added Santa's Sled Added Santa Claws Added Dragon Imp Banner Pet Added Full White Cheer Hunter Set Added Christmas Wand Added Christmas Shield Added Christmas Tree Hat Added Snow Goggles & Het Added Cap & Goggles Added Infinite Money Bag to Christmas Shop Added Candy Cane to Christmas Shop Added Christmas Portal at Home Added Festive Nutcracker Set Added Sweet Nutcracker Set Removed Crystal Tree Disabled Thanksgiving Boss Removed Thanksgiving boss from ::events Removed Thanksgiving Seasonal Items Removed Black Friday Deals Removed Thanksgiving Deals Removed Black Friday items We would like to inform you of a recent change to the game that we have implemented. After careful consideration and analysis, we have determined that the following features have been removed due to a low frequency of use: THANK YOU & ENJOY THE NEW UPDATE ! - ARTHUR, SUPREME, DROGO & THE SIMPLICITY TEAM โค๏ธ
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    Ty Syrex for updating โค๏ธ
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    This guide is just an example of what to do for newer players. you don't have to follow this exactly all the way through. consider doing everything that the server has to offer and be a part of the Amazing community Some things beforehand: -- Check out ::thread 1112 or ::BiS for all the gear in simplicity. -- you can click any skill to teleport to the training spot. -- check out ::thread 3935 for the guide on all guides. -- Donating is always an option to increase your donor rank and get lucky with a Goodiebag. Check https://simplicityps.org/store --Check ::thread 3841 For different game modes (Most of this guide is meant for the Normal game mode). $10/$20/$50/$100 scrolls add to your donation total, these do not give donor points. (nothing gives donor points its an old system) Looking for Benefits, check ::benefits. also check out ::thread 5808 for a nice overview of donation zones Some Basic rules: -- Do NOT vote on more than one account within a 12 hour period. -- You cannot give away more then 30B each day to other players. -- Make sure to read through all the rules ::rules start out with voting, type ::vote in game. Vote on all 6 sites, after that type ::voted in game. (Its recommended to not be in combat while claiming) You can only vote on top100arena every 24 hours and the rest of the sites will be available every 12 hours. To find your PROMOCODE click on the vote banner of simplicity, and follow the instructions on the screen. Or go to the #Server-media channel on ::Discord and watch one of the promotion videos to find a promocode. [Never give away your promocode to anyone!!!] Type ::Discord In-game to join the Discord server, all events will be announced there, make sure Read the rules and to click the at #Rules-Read-Me. Choose your alerts for in-game bosses/Drop parties/Events at #Choose-your-alerts. And check the #events tab for the current amazing events hosted (these require you to have voted for a certain amount of days, check the rules in the event) If you encounter problems which can't be resolved in-game, go to the #Support section. Make sure to Click the at #Rules-Read-Me first. You can sell your vote scrolls in PoS (Player owned Shops) Or Grand Exchange To make some starting cash. Or use them for Vote Points. (you can spend these in the vote shop) The PoS is the most used shop to sell your items and buy items from Players. Buy your first basic gear setups at ::shops Start out with training your stats at ::train Pets: Pets play a big part in simplicity. there are multiple kinds of pets that give you extra bonuses. Kinds of Pets: - Normal boss/skilling pets - these don't do anything. - Superior pets - these give unlimited Soul Split. - Elite pets - these give 10% drop rate and 10% bonus damage to their respective Boss/Raid. - Executive pets - these have multiple different benefits. I'd recommend checking out ::thread 1877 to see all the benefits Some places don't allow pets! How to get them: - Many bosses drop pets. - Opening boxes may have a chance on giving Superior pets. Check ::Boxloots to see which could give them. - Some stores sell them for a hefty price. - Some can be bought from the ::store with $$ Money making: For a in-depth overview on ways to make money check out ::thread 9988 i will include a couple of easy ways to make money down below. Always try to keep up with the ::events. (you might die a lot, but just keep coming back. try to be alive when the boss dies. otherwise you get no loot.) ::Warmonger (top 5 damage gets loot) ::Tekton (top 10 damage gets loot) ::Ali ::Demon ::Darklord ::Solak ::Eliteboss (Need to have a active Elite slayer task) ::Blood (Need lvl 20 Elite slayer, and a active Elite slayer task) ::Wildyboss (Safe as long as the boss is alive) Easter/Christmas/Halloween Demonic lands Minigame: The demonic lands Minigame is a great way to make money especially when you don't have any good gear yet. inside the minigame you get special gear which you can only use there. You can start the minigame by clicking on the portal at home Check out ::thread 9917 for the full Guide Check out ::thread 9647 for a video walkthrough. Example of a reward. Master Achievements: You can start doing the Master Achievements there are 2 ways you can open the achievement window -- Type ::eliteachievements -- Click your quest tab For some easy to do Master Achievements check out this guide ::thread 5802 Try to do one of these next achievements, or any achievement you would like to do. (the next achievements are mostly PvE based, in the guide are also easy skilling alternatives.) -- The easiest Achievement to start with is killing 250 mole bosses. ::tp > Bosses > Giant Mole. This will give you 15B cash and a Emerald box (which you can sell in the PoS) -- You can also go for Pet hunter, which gives 3 Emerald boxes and 3B cash. While going for this one you'll probably complete KBD Slayer, which gives you 10B cash. ::tp > Bosses > King Black Dragon. You could choose either of these achievements to have enough money for the next gear setups. Gear: Beginner Gear sets: Range: Melee: (This setup will still save you a lot of money, but you have to save up for a Sythe of Vitur, which is the next huge upgrade). Magic: (This setup will still save you a lot of money, but you have to save up for a Sanguinesti Staff, which is the next huge upgrade). The next Gear setups could be: Range: Melee: Magic: * Ring of Bosses can send drops to your inventory or bank once you toggle the option. (this doesn't work on some bosses). * Boss capes give a drop rate increase on their respective boss. For your next upgrades I would check ::thread 1112 or ::BiS for different cape/ring/weapon/gear options. The Collection Log: The Collection log is a great way to get money, the rewards for completing these are mostly better then master achievements. But might take longer to complete, which is why I recommend getting some decent gear first. (bottom right button) - The Warrior's Guild Defenders collection log is one of the easiest to complete, with a great reward. - If you are lucky while going for the KBD Master achievement, you might be able to complete the KBD Collection log at the same time. - Otherwise any GodWars bosses would be easy to start farming for the collection log. Elite Slayer: Elite Slayer is mid/end game content on Simplicity You need to have level 99 Slayer and you'll need some decent/good gear to start leveling. You can start grinding Elite Slayer by talking to Doom Slayer at home. Teleports to your tasks can also be found in the ::tp interface I recommend taking a look at ::thread 8153 to see everything that Elite Slayer has to offer. I can't emphasize enough that this guide is just a rough path you can follow, Explore at your own will. and most of all remember to have fun ๐Ÿ’› If there is anything i could add or change, please let me know, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated ๐Ÿงก Special thanks to @ Lausac @ MuRado @ Ytmillsey @ xfaz @ Aspecton @ Bradders99 @ copskillcows @ R M B T @ lapin @ Owndurazz @ Warmtooheys @ shiftynex @ Ntho For their feedback and help!!


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