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    We are proud to announce the release of our newest update, "Demonic Lands". This update brings a host of new features and a brand new custom mini-game, as well as significant changes and fixes to enhance your overall gaming experience. We have put a great deal of effort into developing this update and are excited for you to explore the new content and discover all that it has to offer. We are confident that you will find "Demonic Lands" to be an exciting and engaging update addition to the game! The brand new Demonic lands mini-game is finally here. The most anticipated mini-game since Theatre of Blood. Demonic lands brings you back to Treasure island where you have to defeat demonic monsters to continue to the next stage. You will spawn inside the mini-game with a special custom set that contains dark magic "Demonic celestial" together with the powerful Demonic staff (AoE). In level 2 "Throne hall" you will find new weapon upgrades and supply chests that will help you progress through the mini-game. Every wave comes with various unique monsters and mechanics that need to be mastered in order to continue to the next stage. Demonic Lands: Part I has 3 levels in total, the shortest being level 1. Once you complete the first wave in Level 1 you will continue through the portal to Level 2: "Throne hall". Here you will have to grind through multiple waves of demonic monsters before finally reaching level 3. Several supply & mystery chests will be gifted to you along the way. Once reaching level 3: "The Necromancer", you will have to go through 10 waves, including 2 boss waves, before facing the final boss. A secret Treasure room entrance will spawn once the final boss is defeated. You will be rewarded with 100 Demonic points and one roll from the treasure chest for completing the mini-game. The best rewards from the chest are the Demonic relic, Roseblood set and Infernal box. The demonic points can be used to buy rewards from the Demonic merchant. You can find the mini-game portal and the Demonic merchant in the house west of Edgeville bank. The Demonic merchant is located next to the Demonic lands portal, he lets you exchange your demonic points for items in his store. You will get rewarded with 100 demonic points for completing the mini-game every time. The merchant also has a list of achievements available for the real mini-game grinders that like to earn rewards. There is also a collection log added for Demonic lands. The Demonic lands mini-game comes with a lot of rewards as listed in the previous parts of the update log, however there is also a special custom set added to the Demonic merchant shop. The first Tribrid with textures that also possesses the same set effect damage boost as Celestial, Sacred clay & the Sagittarian set. The Demonic set is highly exclusive and only available to get from the Demonic merchant store. This NPC provides players with the opportunity to excers to monehange their in-game pets for a monetary value represented in coins. This feature not only adds an additional layer of gameplay but also allows playtize their in-game achievements and progress. We hope that you will find this feature to be both convenient and enjoyable. The long awaited NPC you have all asked for is named "Katarine", She's located just next to the ::home bank. NEW BEST IN SLOT The Neptune set is the new best in slot magic equipment. It has the highest set-effect damage boost in the game. It is the number one most exclusive set as of today, beating it's predecessor, the Mythical set. It gives the highest attack & defense bonus, and on top of that, the set also comes with the strongest accuracy & damage boost, making it the new best in slot set of the game, overpowering the Overlord set. It also contains perks such as boosted HP, Drop-Rate & DDR. The set has some of the best perks, including a record breaking boosted HP effect of 2120 constitution (210HP), meaning you can heal up to 2120 health. The set also possesses a 50% Drop-Rate & 40% Double-Drop Rate boost when equipped together with Neptune's Emperor Cape. The set is highly exclusive and only available for purchase through the store. We also have the Demonic Necrolord set, which offers a significant bonus but can only be used within the custom Demonic Land mini-game, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay. Lastly, we have added the Demonic Staff, Demonic Staff X and Demonic Mythical Sanguinesti staff, powerful weapons to aid players in their journey. We also introduce you our new Demonic ring and Demonic Necklace that will help you in need at the Demonic Land mini-game. From left to right, the Demonic Necrolord set with the Demonic Mythical Sanguinesti, the Neptune set and the Demonic Celestial set with Demonic staff. (keep in mind that the Neptune set is not related to the Demonic Land Mini-game, for illustration purposes only) This addition allows for the acquisition of various rewards including high amounts of cash prizes, boxes, and scrolls, as you progress through your journey. We hope this enhancement will add an exciting new dimension to your experience. The monthly streak reward interface allows everyone to get rewarded for their consistent dedication when it comes to voting on Simplicity. We truly appreciate all of you, and to show you our appreciation we have implemented the ultimate vote interface to give you more reason to continue voting daily! Talk to the Vote Rewards supplier in the Edgeville bank to open the interface. The Starter task interface is the brand new achievement tasks specially made for all the newcomers and starters in Simplicity. It will give everyone a chance to claim great rewards along their journey. The bank interface has been slightly reworked. New buttons have been added such as the equipment button. These changes are based on OSRS bank interface features. More features are expected to follow in the upcoming updates. The AFK-zone has been revamped! The Old AFK-fountains are replaced with the brand new Holy-fountains (Double the price of previous afk-item). Same rules apply, max 1 account allowed to use the fountain. The new AFK-fountain's also give a chance of rewarding you with special items such as Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Onyx mystery boxes. You can get there with the ::afkzone command. We try our best to push significant improvements to our Simplicity Server. Our team of developers have been working hard to address various issues and enhance the gaming experience for our players. The list goes as followed: An issue with variant smuggles related to DMA has been fixed. A major bug with HD plugin has been fixed, making the HD feature available for almost every PC. A minor bug related to in-game sleds has been patched and resolved. An instance teleport bug for the emperor cape has been fixed. Dusk bone price has been fixed. Phoenix pet recolor bug has been fixed. Players are now able to recolor their Phoenix pet without having color issues. An issue with the Imperial board not closing in combat has been fixed. Players can now close the Imperial board and will auto-close when player is hit by NPC. A bad instance when emperor cape is equipped caused to bug the player NPC has been resolved. Respawning for Dusk has been fixed. Damage counter has been fixed. A minor voting typo has been corrected. Most of the Agility shortcuts and mining doors have been fixed. Several bugs related to the brand new mini-game on Demonic lands have been fixed. An issue with HP and Prayer on the Demonic Land mini-game has been resolved. Spawns on all levels at the Demonic Land mini-game have been fixed. Spawning of NPC's and walking towards the player has been added. An issue with Demonic Land wave completion has been resolved. An auto teleport out feature when player is inside ::ohall has been fixed An issue with double fireball attacks when 2 bosses are spawned has been fixed. We are excited to announce the addition of several new features to enhance your gaming experience. The following features have been implemented: The brand new, fully custom Demonic Land mini-game has been added! A brand new home area (Edgeville) map have been added to replace the previous home map. The bank interface has been reworked. The Infernal box has been reworked and improved. The brand new Emperor cape SON edition has been added to the collection. The Skeletal visage has been added. The Emperor's Amulet and Emperor's defender have been added. The Demonic Staff X and the Demonic Staff for the mini-game have been added, along with minor changes. The Demonic Necrolord set has been added. The Demonic Mythical Sanguinesti Staff has been added. A Demonic lands mini-game shop with variant items has been added. The Demonic mystery chest has been added. A collection log notification has been added, players will receive a notification upon collection of x item. A custom Pet exchange NPC has been added. A Weapon supply chest for the brand new demonic lands mini-game has been added. Starter tasks have been added. Variant levels have been added to the new mini-game: Demonic Land. The Demonic Land portal at ::home has been added where the old PoH Portal was. An adjustments interface for new players has been added, which can be accessed by using the command ::starter. A mystery chest on the Demonic Land has been added for mini-game rewards. The Demonic Necromancer Boss has been added. Demonic Lands boss mechanic for the demonic necromancer have been added. Demonic equipment for variant combat styles has been added. The Summoned Soul monster has been added. A demonic Land lobby region to oldschool maps has been added. An automatic gear-up feature has been added for players upon arrival/entry to the Demonic Land mini-game. Demonic Land instances have been added. Players now have the chance to enter a private instance. A brand new progress bar has been added to the Demonic Land mini-game, This will display the total progress of your journey. Custom donator pets have been added to the game. The Neptune's Magic Full Set is now available. Players can now obtain Santa suits in-game. A damage counter system has been implemented. The Vote Month and starter task systems have been added. A 12 hourly vote bonus is now available. New Votepanel weekly rewards and a changed rotation rewarding system have been implemented. The Hydra pet metamorphosis has been added. An auto teleport out feature has been added for players in ::ohall. Players with the correct donation rank can now use ::bank within the elite slayer zone. The rewards for collection logs have been revamped and reworked. A drop rate boost viewer has been added to the in-game client interface. An elite slayer tracker has been added. Rewards for all collection logs have been added. A brand new Pet exchanger has been added, players can now exchange variant pets for a certain amount of coins. A Blast furnace skilling teleport has been added. A brand new shop interface widget has been added. A Vote Rewards monthly streak interface has been added. A brand new teleport orb has been added to the client. An automatic gear-up feature has been added for players upon arrival/entry to the Demonic Land mini-game. The brand new Demonic Owner Deals (Limited), celebrating the release of Demonic lands and the birthday of Arthur. We would like to inform you of a recent change to the game that we have implemented. After careful consideration and analysis, we have determined that the following features have been removed due to a low frequency of use: The old treasure island mini-game has been removed. Christmas decoration all around ::home have been removed. Christmas tokens are inactive and can not be used nor exchanged. Unused location have been removed to save client storage and resolve minor CPU / RAM issues NEPTUNE STAFF CHANGES The bonus stats for Neptune staff have been modified (increased). We understand that this may be disappointing news for some of our players, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope that these updates and fixes will improve the overall gaming experience for our players. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our players who support us and take the time to carefully read the update logs. Your feedback and suggestions are always greatly appreciated as we continue to strive to improve the game. THANK YOU. - ARTHUR, SUPREME & SIMPLICITY TEAM
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    Has this been resolved? If not I recommend you join our discord and create a Support ticket for faster support in the future.


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