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Easter Event 2023 Egg Locations

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Easter Event 2023 Egg Locations


This year we have hidden 7 eggs around Simplicity for you to go on a egg hunt and claim the amazing prizes that the Easter Bunny has to offer! You can start off the event by speaking to the Easter Bunny North from Edgeville Bank (::home)


Easter Bunny.png


Once you've spoken to the Easter Bunny, he will ask for help to try and locate his eggs! Go through the dialog and he will give you hints to find the eggs. 


Location 1 & 2 - 

Killing the Bunny Minions (The portal next to the Easter Bunny). Once you've killed the Bunny Minions, you will receive an Egg to then be allowed to go down the Beanstalk to kill the Giant Bunny. Once you've killed the Giant Bunny then you will receive an Egg.




Location 3 - 

South of Edgeville Bank where the Yew trees are and the Wilderness Lever.




Location 4 - Teleport to Theatre of Blood (::tob) and this will be located South East of the Theatre of Blood entrance. 




Location 5 - Teleport to the Blood Dragon teleport (Elite Slayer) and then go to a public instance zone. Head far East, past the blood dragons and the Easter eggs will be hidden within the trees.




Location 6 - Teleport to the Wilderness Agility area and then run North West through Ice Plateau. Be careful! This is the Wilderness and other players can attack you so be careful when you're in this area! 




Location 7 - 

Teleport to the Falador Farming patch and then run West until you come to the path coming out from Falador, then run South and follow the path until you get to the crossroad. Once at the crossroad, run a bit more South until you hit the trees. You can find the eggs behind the jeweller / Magic shop. 




Well done! You have found all of the Easter Eggs! You can now hand this in to the Easter Bunny to claim your rewards! 


Take a look at the Easter Event Shop! When killing the bunny minions, these drop Chocolate eggs for you to them exchange into great prizes in the Easter Event Shop in-game! 

Easter Rewards.PNG 


If you have any issues with your eggs bugging out, please PM a manager in-game or on Discord to sort them out for you.


Managers are -


Pixie Joe


Have a good time and the whole of the team hope you had a great Easter! 

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