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Castle Wars Event April 2023

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For the next 2 weeks we are running a Castle Wars event! In this event you will need to play as many games as possible to achieve the maximum Castle Wars Tickets.


You will need to work together to achieve this by teaming up and defeating the opposite team.  The minigame works the same as original RS so the concept is exactly the same (Snatching the opponents flag from their base and run back to your own base!)


To participate in this event, you will need to submit your username in the forums post and your Castle Wars ticket count up so far from previous times.


This event will start on the 1st April at 12:00 PM GMT and this will finish on the 15th April 23:59PM GMT (2 weeks). 


Please note that you can not bring OP gear into the minigame! You will have to revert to the OLD gear to play the minigame. If you are caught using OP gear to gain any sort of advantage, you will be disqualified from the event. No more than 1 account to play at one time.


Always follow all Simplicity rules during events as this may get you disqualified.


Tips and Tricks---

You all need to work together to try and beat the opposite team. The minigame will not work unless you have more than 3 players on each team. If you require any assistance or if you’re unsure about anything set for the event, please PM a staff member who will happily assist you with this.


1st Place: 150 Elite Keys + Infernal Eel + 2 x Onyx Box

2nd Place: 100 Elite Keys + Infernal Eel + 1 Ruby Box

3rd Place: 75 Elite Keys + 1 Emerald Box

4th Place: 50 Elite Keys +2 x Crystal Runelocus boxes

5th Place: 25 Elite Keys


***BONUS***  - If you obtain the full Castle Wars Armour, you will receive 30 Elite Keys additional to your winnings.

Good luck to everybody who participates in this event. We wish you the best of luck and let’s get the grind on!


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