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Zombie minigame

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elff    0

-a zombies minigame with mutant tarn and other zombie or arch-fiend boss monsters trying to over power the house that you can use your construcion forify the house by building the planks and nails to the windows and doors to keep the zombies out/ maybe a altar spot to build  for players with 99 construction so they can pray like at godwars and sink to fill vials from the guy selling un-noted grimy herbs(ranarr,irit,avantoe,kwuarm,cadantine,dwarfweed,lantadyme,toadflax)/potion ingriendiants(snape grass,kibbit teeth dust, limpwurt root, dragon scale dust, white berries, wine of zamarok, poatoe catus, crushed nest) to make potions / planks/ nails/ vials/ pick axes and hatchets/ /tinder box/ logs/ salmon or bass(be able to fish rock tails?)/red vine worms?/fly fishing rod? like in catherby just a little fish pool

-Start with coins/ steel sword? 

-bunny cage like a thieving stall to get red chimpowas to use for range to hit zombies damging the barracades on the other side, before they get in.

-maybe the zombies can drops barrows cause your'e always barrowing the deads goods - dragon boots? whip? as drops too to make the bosses easier.

-maybe bind a weapon/armour(s)

-more points the higher the wave?

-wheither or not they keep everything earned from the minigame like the items from cows is up to you.

also if faund of it, maybe the building can advance and the zombies be higher lvl and shops sell the super pots and you have to make extreme pots or overloads now and maybe the monsters/bosses drop choatics, cause its "choatic" the minigame its self.

-point shop- no ideas yet from me

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Jsteeze    3

Not sure if its possible. However a wave/round based minigame of zombies sounds awesome!  Like a runescape version of call of duty zombies.  

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