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Missing items/ balancing issue

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   Few items missing in general as drops from ::drops (bronze boots, arrow tips). The headless arrows and arrow shafts need to drop more quantity. As us f2p need a little over 3 million headless arrows and  rune arrow tips for around 1,9-2,1b exp to cap the stat: reason being:


1.-(you can't just buy xp like Donors) 2-no items in shop @ fletching  for either item either)) 3-crafting 3 million of each is a little much too time consuming without drops as well 4-  lastly you CANNOT donate for supplies either. Which makes sense considering the perks and benefits of ::di. 





I think the amounts currently do not make sense considering we get like 1,5-3k+  iron ores/ essence sometimes per kill from the boss' compared to our 12 arrow shafts/headless arrows from the zombies NPC's . Maybe add the shafts and headless arrows as boss drops so we can get more useful skilling supplies. An other idea would be to to just add both headless arrows, and arrow shafts as well as all the arrow tips to the fletching store. 







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