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changes to the way the lottery works

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igotsparked    2

hi guys , 

1st post for me, hope everyone is well reading this!! 

so lottery costs 1m per person to join, i find this a pretty worthless amount , how would people feel about taking a vote as to changing it to like 100m ea or 500m ea or ideally 1b per entry. this way it actually feels like a lottery and i think more people would actually enter if this did occur. it would also make it alot more interesting among players as the pot would be quite nice. would the developers be willing to do a trial run?

please comment below your thoughts about this idea 

i am very interested in everyone's thoughts on the matter

best wishes


and gl on all your drops guys!!

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Ytmillsey    55

1b per entry is  a good Idea, would give the newer players a good reason to join in on this and give the chance of getting some really nice rewards if lucky.  I could see this bringing more attention the lottery, wasn't even aware of it myself for my first entire week.


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Softwarev1    12

Lottery is lame it’s only once a week and you need to do it for achievement.

boringgg change it up pls

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