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Ytmillsey    54

Hey players of Simplicity, I've been here just over a month now and as a Diamond donator am enjoying the benefits included, my only suggestion would be the potential of looking into the addition of a "Diamond  Zone" for Diamond donators+.  The first thing When donating to the server was the obvious addition to ::di which has some beginner bosses there which is useful for some of the early game achievements/pet grinds. however with the next zone being at $1000 ( ::szone ) and of course its nice to see this server have the ability of gaining ranks via in game money as well as donations I feel that the half way point of $500 would be a good early point with some upgrades from ::di maybe like some mid tier bosses (Zulrah Hydra Nex maybe even some Ancient wyverns alone without the long-tailed variant  something to look forward to half way through the grind to  sapphire and something to keep the encouragement to continue the graft for further progression through the ranking.


I'd appreciate any and all feedback or even add-ons the the suggestion mentioned I just feel.



MDlx0ex.pngDiamond Donator YTMillsey

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