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⭐[25.11.2021] Simplicity HD Client, Barrows Pets, Supreme Owner Box (Overlord), Slayer additions & Tons of Fixes!

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We are aware of some model bugs using HD. If you experience any other bugs please report in the #hd-bugs channel on discord!
The HD plugin for RuneLite, dubbed RuneLite HD, has been added to Simplicity. The aim of the plugin is to alter the graphics and textures by making them high-definition, while remaining faithful to client textures. The plugin was built over the course of two years and approximately 2,000 hours of work. We have implemented RuneLite's GPU rendering along with 117HD's enhancements. The plugin can be toggled from the plugin sidebar. If you encounter any issues then please check out GPU FAQ from RuneLite's wiki:



More Content

• Added making of dragonstone dragon bolts using dragon bolt tips + dragon bolts.
• Added enchanting crossbow bolt spell to allow dragonstone dragon bolt e making.
• Added loads of missing npc spawns for slayer tasks.
• Added Enchant crossbow spell + enchanging of bolts interface functionality.
• Added new statues for Arthur, Supreme & Kevin at the donation manager zone.
• Added Slayer ring (eternal).
• Added personal kill record tracker for missing bosses.
• Added overlord cape right-click teleport option functionality when having it equiped.
• Added amount to be displayed as deposited on screen for the money pouch. 
• Added bank all and take all button functionality on Chambers of Xeric rewards interface.
• Added ability to cut zenyte stones.
• Added drops for Turoth.
• Added drops for Banshee.
• Added drops for Ankou (Slayer).
• Added drops for Pyrefiend.
• Added drops for Kurask.
• Added drops for Jelly.
• Added Supreme's Owner Box (Overlord), highly exclusive and limited.
• Added Mythical Supreme Box (2021).
• Added Book of balance.
• Added Book of darkness.
• Added Book of law.
• Added Book of war.
• Added Holy book.
• Added Unholy book.
• Added and reworked the ::drops command to search npc's easier.
• Added hovering and title of droptable to the ::drops command.
• Added all the extend slayer features.
• Added Rockslug drops.
• Added functionality to new npc drop checker for monster right click option.
• Added dart fletching.
• Added dragon arrow fletching.
• Added Lil' Dharok pet.
• Added Lil' Verac pet.
• Added Lil' Ahrim pet.
• Added Lil' Torag pet.
• Added Lil' Guthan pet.
• Added Lil' Karil pet.
• Added Lil' Hespori pet.
• Added drops for for Warped jelly.
• Added drops for King sand crab.
• Added drops for mutaded bloodveld.
• Added drops for Daganoth.
• Added Max zone statue at home 2 area.
• Added 'get bird' option on lake molch.
• Added possibility to NOT close the open interface when a dialogue is finished.
• Added all 4 godswords (or) forms to item combination
• Added drops for Cockatric.
• Added drops for Basilisk.
• Added drops for Shade.
• Added drops for Deviant Spectre.
• Added the Supreme X Black Friday Deals (EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED)

• Fixed Zalcano bug and shockwave attack logic.
• Fixed slayer reward interface + added extend section.
• Fixed a bug with chatbox message when player needs to clear both hands slot (Alry the Angler).
• Fixed a bug with Ring of Bosses picking up loot in Raids.
• fixed missing half of the npc list drop command due to scroll max issue. 
• Fixed the 'has logged in' spam when logging in.
• Fixed a bug with Hunter brawling gloves, now boost hunter instead of construction.
• Fixed normal spellbook right click autocast rectangle missing bug
• Fixed Woodcutting achievement progress bug.
• Fixed a bug with quick curses.
• Fixed a bug with The miner 2 achievement.
• Fixed a bug with fletching bolts/arrows/darts.
• Fixed bugs with new duel arena interface disabling.
• Fixed a bug with familiars from being allowed to enter nightmare boss.
• Fixed a bug with player first login stance animation.
• Fixed nsired message popping up for any item on object vs just the font.
• Fixed loot all to inventory option fix on tob rewards interface.
• Fixed a bug with making bowl of water.
• Fixed a bug with Guthix rest making item requirement.
• Fixed a bug with being unable to claim elite achievement rewards.
• Fixed a bug with Kuradel slayer trivia question.
• Fixed a bug with Elite knight achievement.
• Fixed a bug with The venger achievement.
• Fixed smithing armour making interface for bolts and dart tips.
• Fixed making of dragon bolts with runite bolts.
• Fixed a bug with set duo slayer partner using new interface.
• Fixed jewellery moulding interface missing items.
• Fixed ffakill command.
• Fixed a bug with Dungeoneering cape model.

• Added option for dropping Magma blowpipe.
• Made Boss point npcs trackable for kill records and kill count.
• Stopped familiars from being allowed to enter nightmare boss.
• Ring of bosses will no longer pickup loot while in raids.
• Slayer masters now open new rewards interface.
• Stopped npc drop checker interface from closing on lookup whilst fighting.
• Slayer Rewards 4th click options on npc's will no longer keep re-opening the interface on closing.
• Highlight the npc being viewed on the npc drop checker interface.

Thank you,

Arthur, Supreme & Development team

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