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Some Lms suggestions

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T B L    0

I'd say long range may need some tweaking it doesn't reach with long range when someone is frozen with barrage/blitz for some reason.

I'm not sure why but i used key (from killing another player) where another player used one just seconds before didn't seem to work needed to go second one i'm not sure if it was ment to be like that or not.

I'm not sure was it magic potion or range.. blue one regardless didn't seem to pot up either stayed at (4) sips for me.

also the runes didn't spawn in the pouch (showed essentially that you don't have runes)

Key gave weapon but just as question for the end if killing another player and getting key would adding food be bad or no when looting with key as addition if invy full would like drop on ground below you orr when you get a kill you'd get key + food idk.

just some suggestions/thoughts

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