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Hot and cold

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Have you seen people going "Open Hot/Cold", "Frosty Flowers x2" and not understood what they meant? Or did you know it was a "flower-game", but simply never really got how to play? Well, this guide will show you all you need to know about Flower Games.

Hot or Cold
Other name(s): H/C

General Gist:
H/C is probably the biggest flower-game. You can find hosts spread out between all worlds saying Hot/Cold x2.
Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose.

Step by Step:
1. Find a host. Hosts offering x2 H/C
2. Place a bet with your host.
3. After the bet is placed, decide whether you want to bet on a hot or a cold flower.
4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose.
5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time!

Hot Flowers:
Cold Flowers:
Host Wins:
Replay black /player win :white:



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