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Mr Dockett

Quality of Life Suggestions.

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Mr Dockett    0

Just going to make a list, let know if you have any good ideas.

-Page up button to retype the last message you typed.

-Loot tracker on runelite client track ring of bosses loots sent to bank/invy.

-Withdraw (1x/5x/10x/25x/50x/all) 1 click left click from bank

-Clicking numpad on (view-presets) to select preset.

-Add more to ::boxloots, should be all chests in game. (elite chest/stone key chest/legendary box/christmas box/magic knife) just some of the missing ones.

-Make Anguish (or) better than amulet of ranging.
Amulet of ranging is 10M and gives better range stats than anugish (or) which is 25B.

An item that is 2500x the price shouldn't be worse that the 10M item, makes no sense.

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Mr Dockett    0

-Raids : there are 3 updates that should be done.
1. Make the scales falling phase 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds. When you're doing the boss phase it goes
Phase 1 : kill left hand, kill right hand
(wait for 60 seconds) <---should be updated to match phase 2-->3 timing (30 secs)
Phase 2 : kill left hand, kill right hand

(wait 30 seconds)
Phase 3 : kill head

(raid done)

2. In the puzzle room of crabs, on OSRS when you right click and smash the crab it stays in place for 30 seconds. On here it's stays in place for about 10 seconds, it's very cancerous and if you could update that it would also be very helpful, much more playable.

3. Full raid loot should be upgraded, you spend about the same amount of time running a full cox raid vs tob however in TOB when u run a full raid you get a purple 100% of the time and all the other players get a non-purple loot, which still is very decent loot. Full cox should be at least (50/50 chance to get a decent loot) doesn't have to be purple.

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