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Client Fix (PC/MAC) - All You Need To Know

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. Green - File names and Indicators | . Blue - Download links | . Cyan - Commands | . Blood Orange - Folders | . Gold - Misc. | . Purple - Operating system


Section I. Finding/Deleting Cache

Majority of the problems/viewing bugs or other little things can be fixed by simply deleting your game cache and downloading it again. This ensures that all the files are 100% up to date and no corruption is at hand.


To Find your Cache you need to;

°•° 34-340288_logo-windows-10-icon-hd-png-download.png For Window users

Go to C: \Users\enter your username here- Once you are there you should be able to see a folder named ".SimplicityCache" - Delete it.  (Make sure your Client is closed before you delete the Cache)


°•° apple-512.pngFor MAC users;

Open spotlight search

Enter: \Users\insert your Mac username here\ - Once you are there you should be able to see a folder named ".SimplicityCache" - Delete it.  (Make sure your Client is closed before you delete the Cache)

If you are not able to see these folders that means they are hidden, to view them you need to press; Shift + Command + .

After you have deleted the Cache make sure to download the Client+


Section II. JAR File not appearing as a Java File

Another common problem among new players or people who have maybe received a new computer with nothing installed in there, is not being able to start .jar files correctly, or not viewing them correctly (.html or .txt)


Before you start doing anything try using Jarfixer !

(Launch with admin privileges - Right click on the application > Run as Administrator)



If for some reason Jarfix doesn't work, you will need to update your Java;

°•° 34-340288_logo-windows-10-icon-hd-png-download.png For Window users;

 (If you want a clean Install - Continue, if not Skip this stepUninstall of Java if its already in the system (Windows + SControl Panel  then > \Programs\Programs and Features; Uninstall a program)
 Install of Java (.exe file and NOT the .zip file)
Launch jdk-16_windows-x64_bin.exe file and install java in the System. In case the already downloaded .jar files do not appear in correct format - Reboot the system

 °•° apple-512.png For MAC users;

  To install Java on MAC all you need to do is launch and install the jre-8u65-macosx-x64.dmg file and complete the installation.


In very rare cases you need to select Java as the Application you want to open the program with, you can do that by; right clicking on the Launcher > Open with > Java(TM) Platform SE binary (If you are not able to see that as quick selection - Choose another app > Look for another App on this PC > C: \Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_221\bin\java.exe)



Section III. Other Problems/Solutions

Credit goes to @ eUBb0da.pngRob Macabre  for this solution down below.

Possible Invalid UID fix:

Windows Delete the Simplicity cache folders (.simplicty and .SimplicityCache) located at C: \Users\[Your name]

Press Windows + R; The run window will come up type %temp% and hit enter - Delete everything from this location

Next go into C: \Windows - Delete the contents in the folders; tasks, temp, and prefetch.



Credit goes to @ Conoco  for this solution down below.

Client won't run? here's a few steps to fix the issue:


Make sure you have Java downloaded

Still not workingCreate a path;





C: \Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_171\bin

C: \Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_171\bin


Client runs the launcher but doesn't open the game - What to do? 

First of all you need to check to see if you have the correct java installed. You can do this by accessing the 'Apps & Features' option in the control panel. Once this has loaded, scroll down on the list of applications you have installed on your PC and look for 'Java'. If it is showing JDK (Java Development Kit), you need to delete/uninstall this and download the newest version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which can be found on the official Java website. If you have both, uninstall the JDK and keep the JRE installed onto your machine. 




Once gone through all of the installation process of JRE, you can now relaunch the Simplicity PS launcher and it should load you straight into the game. 




QNote: If you experience any Client related problems and none of the solutions worked please do contact us by creating a ticket on our Discord channel: right after click on the Channel called '#Rules-read-me' and click on the tick after you have read it. Then Scroll down and under 'Text Channels' click on '#Support' - React by clicking on the Envelope and your Support ticket will appear at the top of all Channels (Left side)

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