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Buying ALL burnt food!

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Stickle    45

Hey, Let me firstly introduce myself! I'm Stickle, and I'm here to offer you a great proposition!  


"Have you recently started cooking?.. Have you burnt some food recently and feel like you've wasted GP buying the raw food?.. Nobody likes waste!.."


 Well look no future! I'm willing to buy all your burnt food! Anything and everything! I offer 10K per burnt food, I think I'm currently the only person buying burnt food so instead of dropping it or just letting them gather dust in your bank! Hit me up in-game! "Stickle". Send me a friend request and if I'm not online please have a little patients as I work on Thursdays -  Saturdays! But any other time, if I'm awake, I'm online! 


If you message me and I don't reply, please check out the ::afkzone, if I'm chilling there, I'm most likely sleeping, pooping or making food! Reply to this threat to catch my attention if messaging me in-game isn't working out for you! 


Remember burnt food is worthless so 10K  is quite generous for an item worth 1gp! I'm just a little collector and I MUST gain the biggest burnt food collection on this server! I'm addicted to playing, I've been here a few days now and my play time is 43 hours+ O_o 



100 burnt food will get you - 1M

1,000 burnt food will get you - 10M 


My time zone is GMT+1 but I'm awake and active from 9 am on-wards most days! apart from days listed above! I also have a social life aka I go and see the missus (damn lock-down making it hard over here, but I get a taxi up there around 8/9 pm and back around 2-4 am (I will come online once home) as I don't really sleep! 


I really look forward to buying all your food! 



P.S - remember to have fun, keep smiling and dancing, stay safe and make them pennies! 


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