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Non Donor Safe PK Tournament.

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Would like to run a small tournament for non donor status players at the safe pking area. Will host 8 players. Rune Armour, whips, dds, and food will be provided, so that all have the same gear/inventories. Once approved, first 8 players (without donor status) to pm and ask to join will be written down and accepted. Just wanting to help out new players, as well as give back and provide some content during boss downtime.



1st Place: $20 scroll

2nd Place: $10 scroll

3rd Place: Magma Blowpipe



1) Scrolls from winnings must be claimed to winning account. Not sold for profit.

2) 1v1 style, one pair entering safe pk boarder at a time, rest will watch.

3)Flaming, running or causing problems is disqualifications, no exceptions. 

4) Please arrive with empty inventory and no gear.

5) No Overhead Prayers



Start time will be added upon admin approval.



Inventory provided:


Gear you will fight in:



Thanks for checking out my first thread ❤️ love y'all

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Added time, pics and rules / postponed start (waiting on approval)

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Stormz    46

Love this idea, i'll be present to help organise providing i am available at the times given. :)


If this is Approved By admins - We/I Will be running an Alts Check to make sure you are not getting these scrolls/items for another account.

In the event you win the scroll it MUST BE USED and NOT SOLD on to other players.

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