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Fastneasy    28

Hey everyone!,


Super excited to share this with you all because it was bugging me so much trying to figure out where my main cache files are on the mac. As of right now I have macOS Mojave running right now.

So here's how to find where your actual cache for simplicity might be.


First open up your finder located on your dock far left bottom corner of your screen. Once you've opened up finder... look at the top bar where your apple sign is shown (far left top screen) and click the drop down for your finder.


Click on preferences then click on side bar. Within side bar you will see which options shown up on your finder. Click and check the box on your specific mac name (it should be just below pictures and right above where it says iCloud, it should look like a house)


Once you've done that exit out of that screen and reload your finder. On the left side click on your specific mac name option (the house). Within that you will see all sorts of hidden files some might be lightly shaded. Find the specific one that involves simplicity cache folder and delete that folder. Then re-download your client and it should download the cache correctly this time.


So glad I found it!,


Hope it helps out all the mac users!


- Fastneasy

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icy lemon    0


When I follow this, there is no files relating to the client? This is on macOS High Seirra. Does this still work on the updated software?


I've attached an image for reference

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 12.38.28.png

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Fastneasy    28

Hey sorry i posted the wrong thing anyways..., it seems as if your hidden files aren't showing up if you see me in-game or on discord shoot me a pm ill try to help you through it.

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Lewis    28

u will find the cache file in the hidden folders, to show the hidden folders u need to press (shift, command and .) then the hidden files will show and u can delete

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