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Found 3 results

  1. When you donate you get a Coloured thing next to your name and ::yell but I believe that you should get armor that is coloured to our rank EG: I am currently diamond rank so it would be diamond coloured armor, it would be a fashion scape thing nothing special. Also on the topic of Fashion scape is there a Costume Storage Box for all skill obtainable items? if not saves room in the bank
  2. HOW TO DONATE 1) Visit our store here 2) Purchase your items and type ::claim in game to receive them You automatically receive donator rank in game when donating at least $20. *To receive your forums rank, you must apply here.* OSRS & RS3 DONATING Current Rates: 3M OSRS → $1 500M RS3 → $10 Note: You still receive donator rank & bonuses when donating with OSRS/RS3 Gold DONATOR RANKS Bronze Member - $20 in total donations Silver Member - $50 in total donations Gold Member - $100 in total donations Platinum Member - $250 in total donations Diamond Member - $500 in total donations Sapphire Member - $1000 in total donations Emerald Member - $1500 in total donations Ruby Member - $2000 in total donations Onyx Member - $3000 in total donations Crystal Member - $8000 in total donations Infernal Member - $20000 in total donations DONATOR BENEFITS OVERALL DONATION PERKS Free potion decanting - Bring your potions to an NPC at ::shops and speak to the Decanter to get them decanted for free ::yell - Gain the perk to talk to anyone over the server whilst flexing the new sexy rank! Custom Player Title - Tired of being known as Killer or Skiller? Well now you can set your title to whatever you want! (Be professional) Double loot in Barrows - Everyone loves to get double the money Duplicated drops are items that are worth under $50 in donation stores. This is boss dependant, not all bosses have this perk. Access to ::pos at Onyx rank Exclusive bosses and monsters for Onyx and Crystal ranks Infernal Axe (Chops 2x faster than dragon hatchet) Onyx 2h (Powerful 2h sword with OP state and a custom special attack Crystal Halberd (i) (Powerful weapon with 3 hits, OP stats and a custom special attack _______________________________________________________________________________________ INFERNAL DONATOR RANK The Infernal donator rank. The highest rank with tons of benefits and perks for maximum gameplay. The new donator rank has a highly executive zone called the Elite zone. In this zone you will have access to the Elite raids mini-game, AFK-Dragonfruit tree, Elite dragon-trophy, Elite boss dungeon, Elite point shop and the Elite champion chest. You need a total donated of 20,000 which 5000 from claimed on your name to achieve the infernal rank, meaning you can only claim 3/4 of the total amount with scrolls, the rest you would have to buy in name. Infernal donators will also receive the Infernal Scythe as a reward for achieving the rank. Infernal donators will have a boosted drop rate bonus of 15% on all the bosses and monsters. The elite dragon-trophy can be used once every 30 minutes to get a boosted special attack recovery. There is also a drop rate bonus on the wilderness chests and boosted point modifier for PC/Loyalty points. The elite zone. Infernal members can visit this zone with the "::elite" command. The Infernal Scythe as a reward for achieving the infernal rank. The elite champion chest filled with amazing rewards. The elite dragon-trophy can be used once every 30 minutes to get a boosted special attack recovery. The AFK-Dragonfruit tree, the best AFK money making method. The Elite raids is a mini-game with a total of 20 waves. The Elite dungeon with exclusive monsters and bosses including event bosses such as Wildywyrm, Warmonger and Galvek.


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