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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'll start off by saying i'm new to forum posts and creating topics but I wanted to come out of my shell to see if i can help the admins. I really enjoy playing this server for it's content and the community. It made me SUPER interested in the Donator status but being new I felt uneasy to look at the store and understand how to become one. When i got to the benefits tab every status had great perks but it was hard to compare the value with them. For other new people this might be hard for them as well and discourage them from donating. So to help with that i made a little comparison for the first 6 statuses (minus a couple of things left out). It's a very rough draft but i hope this would make it easier for some people. If the admins like it i can complete it so that way we can have one for everyone to feel better and hopefully fuel the server for more content! Stay safe! Play more! 😁 The Gestalt ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (Update) Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and special shout out to everyone (who i might've bugged a little) in helping me make the complete version! I feel this helps the way it was created for and to those who prefer a more visual approach. I hope to create more content for future needs so feel free to leave a comment if you think there is help needed in more areas. As always Stay Safe, Play More! The Gestalt
  2. HOW TO DONATE 1) Visit our store here 2) Purchase your items and type ::claim in game to receive them You automatically receive donator rank in game when donating at least $20. *To receive your forums rank, you must apply here.* OSRS & RS3 DONATING Current Rates: 3M OSRS → $1 500M RS3 → $10 Note: You still receive donator rank & bonuses when donating with OSRS/RS3 Gold DONATOR RANKS Bronze Member - $20 in total donations Silver Member - $50 in total donations Gold Member - $100 in total donations Platinum Member - $250 in total donations Diamond Member - $500 in total donations Sapphire Member - $1000 in total donations Emerald Member - $1500 in total donations Ruby Member - $2000 in total donations Onyx Member - $3000 in total donations Crystal Member - $8000 in total donations Infernal Member - $20000 in total donations DONATOR BENEFITS OVERALL DONATION PERKS Free potion decanting - Bring your potions to an NPC at ::shops and speak to the Decanter to get them decanted for free ::yell - Gain the perk to talk to anyone over the server whilst flexing the new sexy rank! Custom Player Title - Tired of being known as Killer or Skiller? Well now you can set your title to whatever you want! (Be professional) Double loot in Barrows - Everyone loves to get double the money Duplicated drops are items that are worth under $50 in donation stores. This is boss dependant, not all bosses have this perk. Access to ::pos at Onyx rank Exclusive bosses and monsters for Onyx and Crystal ranks Infernal Axe (Chops 2x faster than dragon hatchet) Onyx 2h (Powerful 2h sword with OP state and a custom special attack Crystal Halberd (i) (Powerful weapon with 3 hits, OP stats and a custom special attack _______________________________________________________________________________________ INFERNAL DONATOR RANK The Infernal donator rank. The highest rank with tons of benefits and perks for maximum gameplay. The new donator rank has a highly executive zone called the Elite zone. In this zone you will have access to the Elite raids mini-game, AFK-Dragonfruit tree, Elite dragon-trophy, Elite boss dungeon, Elite point shop and the Elite champion chest. You need a total donated of 20,000 which 5000 from claimed on your name to achieve the infernal rank, meaning you can only claim 3/4 of the total amount with scrolls, the rest you would have to buy in name. Infernal donators will also receive the Infernal Scythe as a reward for achieving the rank. Infernal donators will have a boosted drop rate bonus of 15% on all the bosses and monsters. The elite dragon-trophy can be used once every 30 minutes to get a boosted special attack recovery. There is also a drop rate bonus on the wilderness chests and boosted point modifier for PC/Loyalty points. The elite zone. Infernal members can visit this zone with the "::elite" command. The Infernal Scythe as a reward for achieving the infernal rank. The elite champion chest filled with amazing rewards. The elite dragon-trophy can be used once every 30 minutes to get a boosted special attack recovery. The AFK-Dragonfruit tree, the best AFK money making method. The Elite raids is a mini-game with a total of 20 waves. The Elite dungeon with exclusive monsters and bosses including event bosses such as Wildywyrm, Warmonger and Galvek.


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