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  1. An item like the ring of bosses,but with sklling. So it will bank any wood you cut, anything you fletch, anything you mine ect. It could maybe be a rare drop from the AFK tree or maybe purchased from max after maxing for a few billion gp. Thanks for reading my suggestion
  2. Olm's crystal are a pain in the ass especially in solo raids. It is very hard to tell where they will land especially the fast moving ones. Iv'e done solos where i have been completely fucked by the crystals because of how hard it is to tell where the crystals will land. This is a lot worse of an issue with bad ping and as there's only one server there must be loads of us with bad ping who play from other parts of the world. . Even some crystals in simplicity such as the fast moving ones will damage you even if you manage to predict where its gonna fall if you have bad ping. In Runescape the crystal shadows spawn before the crystals do giving you extra time to move away. This is how Olm's crystals look in normal Runescape vs simplicity. Notice how Runescape's crystals have a shadow underneath so you can predict where its gonna land. . - nice clear shadow to indicate where a crystal will land before it even appears giving you plenty of time to move even with bad ping. Simplicity RSPS - The Biggest Pre-EOC Server 2020 2020-12-16 13-12-14_Trim.mp4 ^ Unclear where any crystals are going to land can easily take 40+ damage from crystals due to not being able to tell where they fall, resulting in the need for Sara brews that wouldn't be needed if it was clear where crystals will fall like in osrs. This is an even bigger issue for people with bad ping such as myself. As you can see in some parts of the clip me moving was very delayed after my click. Thank you for reading.
  3. you can already buy avas accumualators and even if you couldnt many weapons like the fire twisted bow and the max cape provide a ammo saving ability like the avas
  4. Monkey madness and the dragon slayer quests are long ass quests. Would probs take ages to add them into the game. especially dragon slayer 2 that took me 3 -4 hours to complete on osrs
  5. Add a confirmation when overwriting/loading a bank preset. e.g "are you sure you want to overwrite this preset"


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