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  1. How much have you gathered so far?
  2. Dazedwarrior


    GJ Kevin! We appreciate you
  3. It is pretty fun! I will make a thread sometime with some pictures of some cool builds we have done!
  4. I agree! Or we should be able to throw them down the well for a chance at an upgrade!
  5. New server record - Most burnt food collected
  6. Hi 900! Good to meet you! Hope to see you in game
  7. Hi Guys! Im DazedWarrior aka Austin / Riot. Im 26 from the Pacific Northwest of USA. I build fire trucks as my day to day job and am a massive fan of mmo's and rpg's. I have played Runescape / Rsps's for over 16 years now. In the past i have ran my own game servers and communities. Now adays you can find me chillin on Simplicity with a few irl friends jammin to some great music Say hi if you see me in game! -Dazed
  8. I love throwing my extra items in the well. It is a gamble however if you have tons of extra gear you might just get something rare!
  9. Congrats to all of you! You will do great!


play now
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