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  1. Dade


    Kevin was in ::gamble assisting Frogtravel who had just been scammed by another individual. Despite not having any recording Frog had witness' and was able to successfully report the incident to Kevin who promptly came to the scene of the crime after hearing about it. Amidst all this going on, I had a similar situation going on..This morning I was scammed by another player and had witness' and a screenshot but Unfortunately not much else. Despite this, Kevin was able to dig into the logs and found all the proof he need to move forward with an action. Turns out the Two individuals who'd scammed both Frog and I, were the same person... We both received our respective payouts and the situation was taken care of. 11/10 STAFF SUPPORT RATING
  2. Dade

    Eli's Suggestions

    Great suggestions man! GAMBLING definitely needs a properly dedicated zone without NPCs that'll ruin the flow..
  3. Dade

    Dade's GFX Shop?

    Updated SIggys!
  4. Dade

    Dade's GFX Shop?

    pretty hurt I gave you it and you haven't used it 😢
  5. Dade

    Dade's GFX Shop?

    Yo guys! So, after recently getting into the forum community I was inspired to touch Photoshop again and make some Sigs! Here are some of the things I've done so far.. If you'd like something done by me, leave a reply here, PM me in game OR on Discord!
  6. Was quitting OSRS and was venturing on Mopar, RL, all the RSPS List and I kept seeing this one pop up! Logged on. Loved it. Donated OSRS Bank. And heeere we are..
  7. Dade

    Discord Rewards

    Well yeah guys im not saying Put a gun to their head and say GET THE F*** IN THE DISCORD NOW MOTHERF*************! I kinda just meant give people maybe MORE?? of an intensive to wanna be active in a different part of the community.. Idk how the hell you guys read it as "LETS FORCE THE ENTIRE SERVER INTO ONE GENERAL CHAT GL HF NO RE" No.. I specifically said.. ONE RL Box MAYYYYYBBEEE on Initital Join and yeah maybe a Discord Box that gives yet another useless cosmetic to the game.. like literal garbage items...that simply integrate the different aspects of this community together.. I guess im just trying to see the community work as a Triangle of Success you know.. Ultimately the more the community participates in everything, the better for the server and even for themselves sometimes.. You got anxiety? You a mute?? K. Guess what VOICE Chat isnt forced on Disc.. Maybe you just wanna chat on the Disc. There are PLENTY of people on Disc that dont even jump ingame but chat on General... and eventually theres something to it.. I dont mean Gimmi 10b every 100 messages.. But A lot of people aren't active on here OR discord which are both VERY good sources of information and other server related things.. and noone is forcing anyone to actually VOICE CHAT... Plenty of ppl jump in and mute their mic and Listen, and when they wanted to.. they jumped in.. For one you dont level up in Discord by VCing... you do it by sending messages, so if youre so anxious you cant talk, then type.. Thats how you get ranks.. theres alos the cool oldschool bot.. the #DROPANNOUNCEMENT which saved my life.. I would of never known I got an unstrung if I hadnt checked that channel. These are things that you guys have done a GREAT job of adding but.. I feel like theyre not being taken advantage of.. I just think all resources and info should be thrown out there for the server.. Like my ::threads command that shows a list of ALL the threads with info instead of having Staff repeat the same answer to the same question every other day Guys this isnt just a server or a game.. When you're racking in $1k every other day.. this is a business.. and the best business' do everything to integrate and facilitate the use of their product/service Giving out the 5 most useless boxes for me giving you my email seems pretty far fetched as well???
  8. Dade

    Discord Rewards

    Discord is.. Dead.. Months of playing the server and one thing I've noticed Is that the same 1-4 people use discord. I understand not many people like VC but I think one thing that would really make people wan't to join is subtle rewards. For example, we get 5 random boxes for setting up an email. That's cool, now what if on your Initial Setup in disc you're rewarded maybe 1 RL Box, or maybe a Sapphire. Something to make people want to take the leap and join. Then you can keep them in by giving rank rewards. I noticed there's a forum Discord Title which is cool but again maybe if once you hit that rank you get an exclusive Discord Box in game. I think one of the keys to keeping this community super active and happy is letting the community meet each other.. talk.. ultimately game..
  9. Not sure if this has been suggested before But I think it'd be great if we had a ::threads command that would list the ::thread #### for all pinned threads or threads deemed essential for info. This kinda comes to me as an idea cause I've noticed there's just a lot of info to know and lots of new players don't necessarily know the ins and outs and sometimes the community doesn't know the answer.. I think this would be super useful way to getting people introduced and started with the forums.. Maybe part of the character creation / tutorial is a final message / notice to let players know.. Something like "Thanks for playing Simplicity, if you ever need help ask the Help CC, OR type ::Threads for a list of all our important server threads filled with all the info you need!"
  10. Dade

    Yooooo :D

    Sup my peeps!, Though I'm not NEW to the server I am posting for the 1st time on the Forum. I'm From Miami, I enjoy the crap out of this server! And I look forward to keeping up the ice Tbow Grind! ANNND being active on forums!


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