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  1. I haven't met you all yet so i will do a full feed back asap but the one's i have met and spoke to were all so very helpful, polite.. just amazing, exactly what you want from people running a server we all LOVE to play Our escape from reality! What lead me to do an early post was "BERNARD" I was recently Conned for my whole bank by someone who didn't have a bank what soever. he just stole everything i worked for! I was actually none the wiser but Bernard stepped in after watching a dodgy vibe from what went and and earlier experiences with him and this person then rapidly got talking with each of us and thoroughly dealt with the problem. The guy was dealt with accordingly and i got everything i had worked hard for, back! All thanks to his careful eye and being so attentive. Thank you for all the staff's work and what you do for us, Just amazing!


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