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  1. I COULDNT EDIT MY POST SO IM MAKING NEW FOR THOSE 2 I WANTED TO EDIT ABOUT ! Global Moderator Rapiid ags -Very helpful and nice guy , if u ever need anything , hes there ! worth his spot ! Moderator Heroic - i feel like he is the best mod that there is atm ! always helps everyone ! HEROIC TO ADMIN !
  2. Owner Arthur - never seen him or talked to him , but server is good ! Supreme - seen him only once but havent talked to him ! server is good tho ! Co-Owner Kevin - never answers my questions or pms , so got nothing to say ! Staff Manager Justin - never seen or talked to him ! Manager Lewis - havent seen or talked to him ! Global Administrator Athos - nice and helpful guy , keep it up ! Administrator Mak3 - havent really talked to him or anything , but as much ive seen , he is doing his job well ! Shiftynex -havent talked to him so i dont know what to say about him ! Bernard - very nice and helpful guy , earned his spot well , keep it up ! Dutch - best staff there can be , always there for you when u need him ! Gives us best events that everyone likes ! i personally feel like he is the best that there can be ! i hope u get him into an better spot ! Global Moderator Rapiid ags - dont like him ! if ur about to jail someone , give him reason first ! Pixie Joe - id say one of the best staff ive encountered with ! Abe - abe is really nice and helpful guy , really earned his spot and doing his job well ! Moderator Fastneasy - very good guy , all the big problems ive had like with voting , he has helped me through anything ! Neon - good lad , doing his job well ! Tineepockets - helpful guy ! Minh - nice and helful guy , does his job well ! Heroic - nice and helpful guy , if ive ever needed help , he has been there ! Server Support spud - havent had any encounters with him or talked to him , but ive seen him doing his job in cc ! Trial Support heroic - nice and helpful guy , if ive ever needed help , he has been there ! Forum Manager Forum Moderator


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