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  1. I agree and disagree with what has been said. I agree that there is a lack of content, especially for those who have donated fair amounts of money. Such as the Sapphire zone. The Sapphire zone has very little to do except for an altar, a bank, 1 kingly imp (maybe 2), a couple of rune ores to mine, and a portal that leads to terror dogs which have absolutely no drops at all. Granted I understand that there are higher donator ranks with specialized zones with some pretty good money making bosses. But I feel that there should be more widespread content, especially for those who donate so much money to the server. Having a few more f2p options for money making without needing the "OP" gear would be nice. I watched a new player with bandos and fairly decent gear struggle to kill the fire giants at ::lava. I feel adding some more custom monsters with some of the lower boxes as a 1/900 or 1/850 drop would be a good way to keep the f2p community engaged. Such as making a monster that drops the regular Archery, Warrior, and Wizard boxes. The reason I also disagree with what has been said is because there is a fair amount of content that could definitely be more widely used, but is not used due to the lack of drop table items worth actually grinding for. Or on one hand the monsters being too difficult to grind out, one example being the Ancient Wyvern. The Ancient Wyvern is a boss area, with multi combat, but if you are piled by all the monsters there (or even just 2 or 3 of them) you will get stacked out and it will take you 2-3 maybe even 4 deaths just to get 1 of the boss kills. Now the Wyverns are f2p content, but even I (having sacred clay, sov x, anguish (or), flame gloves (e), boss cape, and angelic boots) still struggles to complete it without dying multiple times. So with that being said if some of the current monsters were tweaked or drop tables updated to add things more worth grinding for, it might make up for the lack of bonus content that you get for donating. With all that being said, I must admit this server is awesome but it can be boring considering there are only about 3 or 4 bosses actually worth grinding out at this point in time. (At least with my current donator status.)


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