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  1. aaah no worries just hope pathing in wild while pking can get some love, there are already so little pkers, this shit just makes them quit faster..
  2. have u ever tried pking on this server i highly doubt that, and when it comes down to osrs tob i have around 400kc so yeah i know how its suposed to work and this server does it bad. clicking on the minimap doesnt work, right click follow doesnt work
  3. I've never seen this bad pathing in my life, even when i try my hardest to stick to my target they always get away because the pathing here is horrible... But as mush as i would want this to be fixed it will never because you guys don't care @staffmembers
  4. sorry for link i forgot how to make it show instantly
  5. I think the avernic defender should either become untradable after you combine it or, make it worth more because now u will almost always lose it on death... https://gyazo.com/4b6d2d89da124373918e21e512993c76
  6. found this server because i was searching for my fav rsps back in 2010-2012 coming to know arthur was the owner of that server and was hoping this would be a good pking server kekw great scam now im stuck
  7. keep wilderness as it is now, just few more items that has to get fixed or removed, and more wilderness updates aka rework drop tables because wilderness is dead you can honestly go kill lava fire giants and make more per hour..
  8. i agree but thats why wilderness bosses should be rewarding so its worth risking it in there, because right now the bosses bosses that are there all the time dont really have nice drop table, compared to wildy wyrm ^^ i just want an active wilderness hehe
  9. Add a boss around 54 portals that has a chance of dropping, Torture ammy BIS str bonus for pking.. Tormented Bracelet BIS mage attack bonus for pking Maybe the torture and tormented kits aswell Tentacle Whip Give it a common drop of anti-venom and stamina's from my previous post DH and ahrim set and maybe some diamond mystery box or higher and then the stuff other bosses drop like coins, crystal keys etc... This boss would just drop things for pking use and some money so it be a boss for both sides, and it would be in multi ::thread 1251 ::thread 1202
  10. Would be a nice if there would be a way to obtain anti-venom+ and stamina potions for pking another thing, is it possible the make your hp bar be correct when you are wearing nex armours and others that boost the hp
  11. I feel like the inferno should be getting fixed right now its all about rng... without tbow u can't complete it there is no way for newer players to complete. make it so u dont have all monsters spawning at the same time, First the ´ranger and mager, after that the jad then once the boss reaches a certain amount of hp the healers should spawn, after that ranger and mager again. and if this would end up being added make sure there is enough time inbetween spawns,


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