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  1. Alchemy guide Alchemy is new way to create gear and upgrade existing gear. Formular Scrolls and other items are required to create New/upgraded gear. Formula Scrolls can be dropped from different bosses. The Nightmare – can get multiple formulars at once Verzik Vitur – both boss only and full ::tob Workath – Wildness in mage bank arena ::mb Dawn – need crystal rank (8k) or overlord cape full COX – only full ::raids you can teleport to ::alchemy to see what items can be made by clicking on the table. It will then show a list of items that can be made using the correct formula scroll and items required. Once all the item requirements are in your inventory you can click Craft. Be aware there is not 100% chance of success as the more expensive the item the less chance of succession. You also receive points per attempt, less points for a successful attempt and more for a unsuccessful attempt. These points can be spent in the shop buy speaking to the Alchemy Master walking near the table. Alchemy is also the only way to get the below equipment. Amulet of blood Focus – Range amulet that offers healing capabilities. Amulet of blood Fury – Melee amulet that offers healing capabilities.
  2. IGN: DER Brad8k - LEGOOOO (for the second time)


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