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  1. An AUTOMATIC FFA, that sounds really awesome and people will definitely see me there. The new pets from clue/COX are gonna be a huge hit too, think a few more people gonna run full COX, and those pets are so cute. And to all the players who have asked "when is the drop party gonna start"? you won't haveto wonder anymore about when it'll happen and those new bigger boxes in there looking real nice. The NPC gambler to play 55x2 IS AWESOME. Can't wait to use it! THIS UPDATE IS ONE OF THE VERY BEST YET!!
  2. These votes have been verified by @ rapiid ags and can be handed out. pm a member of staff to receive them at your convenience.
  3. l u c k e h, you aslo need to submit a screenshot of the vote site with these as well. thanks sir
  4. Conrats on the promote @ The heavens @ MuRado thanks man, but maybe i leave the promotion for a bit. I'm digging support.


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