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  1. Guess whos back. 2022 

    Realism Main time.

  2. Have you seen people going "Open Hot/Cold", "Frosty Flowers x2" and not understood what they meant? Or did you know it was a "flower-game", but simply never really got how to play? Well, this guide will show you all you need to know about Flower Games. Hot or Cold Other name(s): H/C General Gist: H/C is probably the biggest flower-game. You can find hosts spread out between all worlds saying Hot/Cold x2. Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose. Step by Step: 1. Find a host. Hosts offering x2 H/C 2. Place a bet with your host. 3. After the bet is placed, decide whether you want to bet on a hot or a cold flower. 4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose. 5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time! Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay black /player win :white:
  3. thank you - once i get up there ill be doing a video with a bit of commentary from guest members and shout outs as we go along
  4. Hello just Making a adventure log of my buy/sale/trades that i make to turn from rags to riches but the goal is to create entertainment from simply nothing at all and make it to the top without spending a penny - ill be showing you my start out profit down to the gold coin - to make this better i cleared my starter bank and just kept the 1,000,000gp you start with in my pouch For starters I'm going to ::vote for my first profits lucky for me i ended up finding a solak to punch for a added few scrolls alright my first pos trades cool lets go with the player trades and see what i can dig up ay struck a quick deal lets see if i can't flip them for 1b each alright sweet now time to move on to a bigger trade lets see what i can dig up after a bit of bumping and grinding i found this nice little deal - lets see if i can't flip it Alright after all that i managed to strike a deal with our proud sponsor @ Rytech as you see below now im moving on to the next step and see what i can do to clear the pos sold a good amount last night somehow made a good profit alright day 1 is still underway and ill keep it grinding! so next up i ended up spending 23,000,000,000gp on these items to see if i can't flip them with the well method as you see here... it wasn't very well invested... lol but at least this pernix body helped alright time for a cash mash up - for right now i got around 235,000,000,000gp on hand and much more to sell still but im going to look for some more players to trade - those players depending on their influence may get a shout out to the series as we progress alright so i invested in some vote scrolls to attack the market a bit - what i mean by this is the well gives x2 the points when consumed and i ended up buying 520 vote scrolls off another player for 67,000,000,000gp even - its one hell of a deal considering the market right now so lets see what i can do with these votes shout out to @ xisth3 for making this trade possible and i ended up with 1172 vote points at the end of this - lets see what i can do lets find somthing to use these vote points on i ended up finding 22x more scrolls for more points alright lets go ahead and post these scrolls up see how much we make after throwing measurable amounts of gloves in the well.... i regret to inform yall that the well has beaten me twice now After a bit of wondering around i found a sexy buyer by the name of @ Jonnie - we wanted my boots by dre and gloves by mj and his offer was juicy to say the least thanks alright time for the cash reveal save point 256,828,000,000gp going out of my comfort zone a bit but its okay lets see what i got for the drop! okay rip :s 30mins of punching it back to the grind and heres the cash stack right now lets spend it on some items and see what we can do so i spent a bit of money back n forth to make sure i can turn a profit even if its small so i spent some time going back and forth with my buyers and sellers and pretty much dart swapping banks between players as if i was the tax free damn pos but no worries boys i got myself a cutt then i got a juicy pm about some capes for sale down in the DMs so i hopped and skipped my happy butt to home and thank god the homies got the hooks so lets do some merching and see what else we can find on the low blackmarket one of the homies in the far east contacted me about this nice pile of armor im going to attempt to flip it like a simp and see what happens as a little reward to yall and myself im going to drop some stuff inside the well so i pulled 7,000,000,000gp for this and lets go ham RIP that fun - i guess next time we can try it again... back to the grind well heres a little peak at my history just don't type the letters P or A in my search and your fine but never less i found something cool hidden away and it was the only one of its kind in the pos a Halloween based custom item for 35,000,000,000gp so i went and bought it and thrown it back in for 75,000,000,000gp to turn a profit on its rarity because it was an lost item so 10 seconds later got a pm about it and here's the offer next on my list of things to do is a small mini reward - im going to open some new york lucky stars only cost me 500,000,000gp to get so lets see what we can grab from it while we can check out below alright heres what im sitting on right now - time to trade so i bought a bunch of blood necklaces and then yeeting them the well after about 18 blood necks i got 1x dragon splittooth neck after that I've obtained alright maybe just dropped 7,500,000,000gp and got nothing lol Current Cash Stack: 168,000,000,000gp Had made some few sales and making my gains as i go along for the day after that i decided it might be time to spend 28,000,000,000gp on a ruby box and crack her open alright made some trades as i go well time to review the current wealth of the character - its been a short road so far To be continued Current Wealth: 1,000,932,000,000gp
  5. id like to thank my mom mom: hey son id like to thank my dad dad: at a boy! id like to thank uncle ntho ntho skiller: "gj homie" and my brother and sister rytech and lausac them: Fights over clue scroll


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