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  1. True this Also why can I not rate your comments -.-
  2. Yeah these are all fucking liesssssss :L 29 Splits for a 1/5 ratio
  3. J D

    1B cash prize event

    Over - Cash Easy won
  4. J D

    1B cash prize event

    Clue 3 : I SEE FLAX
  5. Nice and easy rules. First to find me gets 1b. Second to find me gets 0gp. This is the only clue you are getting to start with. See you in a few hours. Peace.
  6. Do payout vids as well - never seen before haha.
  7. Ill watch this in a bit! Watched a few of your vids!
  8. Ayee - only played since you've been owner, has been great - look forward to more being added - updates look class as per, glad a lot has been fixed!
  9. Love the suggestions bare the shops to behonest - Cosmetics yes, I think chaotics no. Things that are PVM content I don't feel should be buyable. QOL like Bone crusher and Imp Catcher at lower amounts I think would be better?
  10. J D

    Another tree

    Think there could be some other way to have a benefit, not sure on the tree. I do feel like afk methods would be better as dono only
  11. Oooooh and 5 minutes warning on the bosses, then it doesn't matter if the ::bossevents is fucked!
  12. Herro all. Been playing this server a month now and have a few QoL suggestions 1. When Slayer Ring (*) equipped, can Operate have same function as Rub or Teleport? Currently it does nought. 2. Barrows brothers put into ::DI (locations of DI Npcs I think need a rejig but I'll do a map) 1/16 drop rate on Barrows items from their respective Semi Boss. 4 of each boss. Also add a shop with Barrows at 10m a piece. Should hopefully make Barrows fully between 10-15m a piece and don't feel like you're being scammed if a non dono ( sometimes 20-35m a piece cheapest) 3. Stalls removed from ::DI except last one. Also bring the armour stand over. 4. NPC drop ITEM Search on the NPC Drop List, so for example, you can search Twisted bow and see what drops. I can make a forums drop list if I can be assed 5a. Maybe controversial coz people like it, but it doesn't make sense the way it is, also will clean up things a bit... ripple effect coming. Can we get rid of teles on the top of the spell book page, reinstate the default city teles (which doesn't require runes). Teleports are already here, so that should be fine 5b. Remove teletabs except Tele to POH (which anyone can do and you get to your special little safe space), moving tab to mage shop. 5c. Move spade to General Store. Antifire shield to Zeke. Cannon to range OR make that shit 500m a piece and put it in a ::Di shop. Rockcake to cook. Everything else is ez to find. 6. Cannon stage 3 of build turns into Amulet - bug I guess. Probs already reported. 7. Slayer - needs a rework low level I think, something around choice. The caskets are good but give too little loot and feels slow af compared to other scalings. Mid level weps are a longer grind than it should be to get on here 8. I shouldn't have smoked a joint before writing this. 9. Remove ability to sell items that are found in ::home(2) shops in your POS. I.e D scims, dragon daggers and so on. 10. Events I really want to look at suggesting a few things - routine mainly - Will get something together 11. Split the report button up between "Report Player" "Report Bug" leading straight to the threads with template prewritten. Proof always needed. Have SS be incharge. 12. Owner @Arthur , I'll be honest, everytime you send out yell for donations, I have this little cringe feeling - Donation scrolls are everywhere atm which is why I assume loads of goodiebags and other things have had to be done to make it more inviting? More feedback than anything but can you have it as a Server Shoutout rather than a direct yell from you? 13. Donation flipside. Personally I think Donations need to be turned on it's head. What's people's thoughts on only being able to get $ Scrolls from donating directly. If people are keen on this - I'll expand MASSIVELY. Basics - Currently, you donate you get your donation points, you can buy items including scroll. To buy in name it goes up dramatically and a little harder to manage. If the process were; Donate $10 - recieve $10 scroll. Use scroll (for 10DP) or sell for 3/4b (which is more reasonable for legit 2 hours for a lot of players time) I see this increasing price of donations, i.e definite wealth from a donation therefore pushing to 3b which is more of an incentive to donate. 14. Link forums with ingame for donator rank. :L 15. Staff get on forums. I see a few Staff trying to start debates and topics and in SB but a few are never in. Tbf, if your response is 'I don't really go on forums' you shoudnt be staff. 16. no entry into ::Ali or ::Warmonger if your ::Accountwealth 1000?May need a few tweaks. 17. Increase cannonballs in shops from 1k to 10k+? I'm now sober... Joint time - Would be good to get some feedback and can expand if anyone wants


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